Nimrod Outdoor Carbon Canyon Pack Review

Nimrod Outdoor Carbon Canyon Pack ReviewBy Ross Russell, Rokslide StaffNimrod's pack systems are American made and constructed in Washington State. They have offered quality gear for 20 plus years...

Canvas Cutter Bedroll

Robby Denning scouting for Big Mule Deer with Canvas Cutter Bedroll.

Why I Choose Hoyt

Why I Choose Hoyt By Tony Trietch, Rokslide staff The bugle seemed to be further and further away. The bull was moving his herd down the ridge towards their bedding area...

Kifaru Fulcrum/Reckoning comparison

Rok staff Jordan Budd compares the Kifaru Reckoning and Fulcrum loaded with gear.
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Hoyt Satori Recurve Review

Hoyt Satori Recurve ReviewBy Matt Davis, Guest Contributor I'll start out by clarifying that my role at Hoyt, during my time as an employee there, was NOT an...
NG sleepy bull

Review: Novagrade Ranger App

Review: Novagrade Ranger App By Les Welch, Rokslide Staff This past April, I purchased the Novagrade Ranger App for my iPhone. I'd never used any digiscoping adapters or apps,...

Maven B.4 15×56 Review

Getting a chance to test out the Maven 15's this spring! So far I've taken them to Tiburon Island sheep hunting and used them here in Wyoming looking for...

Comparing the Maven C.1 to the Swarovski SLC

Just a quick review of the new Maven C.1s and Swarovski SLCs. Oh, and I keep looking to the left because people keep walking down the trail towards me.
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Review: Floorless Pyramid Shootout

Review: Floorless Pyramid ShootoutBy Josh Boyd, Rokslide ContributorPyramid style shelters have been around in various forms for well over two decades. A climbing trip to British Columbia over 20...

Review: Iron Will Outfitters Broadhead

Review: Iron Will Outfitters Broadheadby Les Welch, Rokslide Staff Over the past decade, archery technology has progressed farther and quicker than I think most of us would have imagined...

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One or Both Eyes Open

One or Both Eyes Open By Guest Contributor, Jimmy Tippetts (Slim Jim) When shooting a compound bow, do you use one or both eyes? This topic...

Kifaru Fulcrum Review

Kifaru Fulcrum Review by William Hanson I've been a dyed-in-the-wool Kifaru fan for a few years now and the past year and a half or so...

Choose your glass wisely

I field more than a few questions about optic choice, so I thought I'd dedicate a post to the what & when of how...
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The “Trick-Pin” System

The Trick-Pin System – Quit Your Range-Finder Habit Darin Cooper - Rokslide Senior Editor This may be the coolest damn thing you never knew...
Isaac Dewpoint

Let it Rain! Light-Weight Rain Jacket Shootout

LET IT RAIN! LIGHTWEIGHT RAIN JACKET SHOOTOUT by Matt Wymer, Rokslide prostaff This all began with a simple question, “Is it worth paying $300+ for...

Rok Hard Soft Sided Cooler Showdown

Rok Hard Soft Sided Cooler Showdown The Softer, Gentler Cooler Shootout, by Travis Bertrand Soft sided coolers have been gaining popularity over the past couple years...