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    Wyoming unit 46 hunt

    Hey fellas. I won't bore you with the long story but I had grander plans so I went ahead and cashed in my 4 points in Wyoming and drew 46. I've got some local help as my folks live in Cheyenne and centennial (vacation place). They know a few people that are willing to help.
    Anyhow, I'd like to know your thoughts on when to go. I'm self employed and have a flexible schedule. Secondly, what are some things I need to bring along. I'm a Kentucky deer hunter, not used to western hunts. And lastly, I know an antelope hunt can be short and sweet. I'm taking a custom 6.5 creedmoor and pretty comfortable to 500+ yards. I'm planning on sending my FoxPro out to my folks place and do some coyote hunting after the goat hunt if I'm lucky. Anything else worth hunting in that part of the state that's OTC tags and DIY?

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    You might find a few prairie dogs to shoot at. You can also buy a furbearer license, and shoot any bobcat or badger that comes into your coyote call. Antelope hunts can be as easy or as challenging as you choose to make it. The degree of difficulty just depends on how picky you get with horn size, and how much fuel and calories you are willing to burn. Good luck with the hunt, hope you leave Wyoming with some good memories and meat.

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    Grouse season may be open, either dusky grouse, mountain grouse, or sage grouse to the west of you. During Oct you may get in some waterfowl hunting too. We have dove until the first real cool front in Sept.then they tend to head out fast.
    These regulations apply to furbearers :

    TRAPPING LICENSE.****Any person, except as otherwise provided,
    upon application and the payment of the proper fee, may
    receive a license to trap any furbearing animal.*** The
    Department shall issue a trapping license to a nonresident only
    if their state issues licenses to Wyoming residents to trap the same species for which residents of that state may be licensed
    to trap in that state.***Any nonresident applying for a Wyoming
    trapping license shall furnish:
    (1) A notarized affidavit stating the applicant’s legal address
    including their state of residence; and,**
    (2) A copy of the most current statutes or rules and regulations
    of the applicant’s state of residence that show that the state
    issues nonresident trapping licenses that authorize Wyoming
    residents to trap the same species for which residents of that
    state may be licensed to trap in that state.

    Coyotes are not fur bearers so you're good there.

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