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What packs do you consider the best if not kifaru, stone glacier and exo? Not trying to pick a fight, I'm honestly curious. I've used lots of backpacking packs like Dana, Gregory and older Colorado made ospreys, I've also messed with a lot of by ting packs like eberlestock, badlands, Sitka, etc.

Now I'm using a new kifaru pack (fulcrum, tactical frame) and even though there were a few hiccups at first, now that I've had a chance to use it and really haul some weight in the mountains with it, I can't really imagine what I would do differently.

Right now my only other pack in the rotation is a barneys pinnacle and I mostly just use the frame to haul moose out of the swamps but I've used it for 10 day sheep hunts as well. It handles weight really well but isn't as comfortable as the kifaru when I throw ~ 75lbs into it.

I'm looking to get a new overnight/2-3 day pack and even though the fulcrum would be just fine, I'm sort of interested in grabbing that stone glacier solo so I can compare their frame directly to the kifaru frame.
Sorry, I missed this, old brain I guess.......

The term "best" is not one I find very useful in rating gear, guns or other tools. In sleeping bags over some 53 years of hunting, I have owned quite a number and used several more. I cannot now use the superb Pioneer light bag of my youth or my original Marmot Mtn. Works G/T bag I used for 21 years.

So, I have now owned and used all over western Canada, bags by Feathered Friends, Marmot, Fairy Down, Paul Petzoldt, Caravan, Blacks of Greenock, Pioneer of Vancouver, MEC, Exped, Wildthings, Camp Seven, Integral Designs (original) (3), Weatern Mountaineering (3), and Valandre.

Is one the "best", well, no, the top few have some features I prefer and none has all of these. I will say that for top quality and utility, my choices would be the Valandre Shocking Blue, ID custom Himalayan, Marmot from 1978 and my latest and last bags, bought this summer, WM Terralite and Sequoia.

Fit is a huge factor in this as I find these "barrel" bags FAR more comfortable than any mummy bags I have had.

With packs, same thing, Dana Design framed packs were the most comfortable for me and many others were not quite as good, so, given the legendary DD-MR Bozo-made QC I would call them "best". However, my two recent SOs are MORE comfortable, less than half the weight and the QC seems outstanding so far.

"Best", I think it is different for each person and even at different times. JMHO-YMMV