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Thread: Nosler Knurling

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    Nosler Knurling

    Well today was suppose to be a shooting day! It has been really nice the last couple of days the snow here at the house was completely gone and I was really hoping that I could get into the rock pit for some shooting...

    Mother nature - had a big hick-up planned! It rained during the very early morning which was not a problem at all - there was even a bit of sun this morning about 8 am. Things were looking really good. THEN

    So I changed missions! This last Knight Super DISC that I got has the largest bore of the 3 Super DISC's that I have. I am really interested in shooting full bore projectiles from the rifle. I have some .4515 Sierra 3 grain bullets, tried them in the bore and they slid right to the bottom of the bore. Next bullet up was a Lehigh/Knight .452x250 Bloodline. The bullet would start in the bore very easily but the factory knurling would not pass through the crown without pressure - so this bullet could be a real possibility! Next I tried some Nosler .451x250 gr. HP's. They would also drop to the bottom of the bore. They should be a really good candidate for knurling and shooting'

    I then spent some time knurling up 10 of the Noslers. I also pulled out 10 Bloodlines put the bullets together with the Noslers and a bunch of shot cards for my next shooting trip. I am really hoping to have a really fun shooting trip when ever that might be....

    I also have some Lehigh 45 cal. full bore bullets that Dave ran a few years back. I pushed them through a .452 sizing die and will try them also

    Here are a few pics of the project...

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    Looks like it turned out to be a pretty good day after all.

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    HE HE the snow has been going over us to you,, I don't need anymore snow 7 days straight in January is going to cost us over 5.000.00 in roof damage, Good job on bullets tho..

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