Nimrod9Nimrod Outdoor Carbon Canyon Pack Review
By Ross Russell, Rokslide Staff
Nimrod's pack systems are American made and constructed in Washington State. They have offered quality gear for 20 plus years with a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY on defects in workmanship and material for the products' natural service life. The Carbon Canyon Pack system is designed for day hunts, along with multiple-day bivy-style hunts. There are multiple options of bag size, depending on your needs with the largest capacity being approximately 4500 cubic inches. The pack includes a load shelf with a mesh pocket design that allows you to pack out your harvest on your initial trip from the backcountry. The waist belt is designed to accommodate an array of belt pouches, water bottle holders and such to accommodate your individual needs for easily accessible items throughout the day.


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neck-001Review: EXO K2 Frame with Horn Hunter Attachment

By Ross Russell, Rokslide Staff

I had the opportunity to use the EXO Horn Hauler shed hunting in 2016, which was based around a skeleton frame. This pack rocked the mountains for many miles in comfort. The design was one that moved with your body, carried awkward loads very comfortably and was extremely light. My experience was so good shed hunting with it, I decided to use it when packing my two Idaho bulls out of the backcountry and once again I was pleased with how comfortable the pack was during the trek out!

So how do you improve on a design that was a huge success and created many happy customers? EXO listened to the voices of its customers, making subtle adjustments to a very successful design to increase comfort and functionality and introduced the new K2 Titanium frame.


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Stone Glacier Sky Talus 6900 Review
By Justin Crossley, Rokslide Staff

The Sky Talus 6900 is a full featured backcountry pack designed for everything from day trips in 4000 C.I. bivy mode to expedition trips of 7+ days. It features a 6400 C.I. main bag and a 500 C.I. removable lid. The volume can be increased even more with the load shelf to over 8000 C.I. for those long excursions or when packing out your animal on a successful hunting trip. The bag features four external pockets and attach points for multiple internal pockets when more organization is desired. The waist belt is also designed for the attachment of belt pouches or holsters, etc.


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jordan with sheep

KIFARU Reckoning Backpack Review
By Jordan Budd, Rokslide Staff

Besides being 100% made in the USA, one of the coolest and most attractive things about Kifaru is the number of bags they have for different situations. All are designed by true backpack hunters for real hunting styles and scenarios. Another huge point I'd like to make is the quality of Kifaru customer service. Every time you call in you're talking to people that know the product inside and out. I've also heard numerous positive reviews of Aron Snyder, Kifaru's Chief Designer, answering questions and calling guys back after hours, during the weekend, and even on the side of a mountain. You can't get that anywhere else.


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