SJKBounty Custom

SJK Bounty 2.0 Backpack Review
by Matt Cashell, Rokslide Staff

The day was cloudy and bitingly cold. My son James was shivering in his boots, but still peeking through his binoculars to the expanse of snowy burn below us. At 12-years old, this was his first year chasing elk. We had hiked about four miles in calf-high snow that morning, and finally setup the spotter on a rocky point we refer to as "the glassing spot." I had already been picking apart the tumbled mess of sticks for about a half an hour when I realized my fingers were going numb.


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EXO 1500 Horn Hauler

By Ross Russell, Rokslide Staff

Shed hunting as an activity has increased 10-fold in the last two decades and companies are seeing a marketing opportunity specific to this activity. EXO Mountain Gear out of Boise, Idaho recently introduced the EXO 1500 Horn Hauler Batwing Pack. After one quick internet search, I was all in to use it for spring elk shed hunting in Idaho. So when Rokslide was able to secure an EXO 1500, I had my hand up first and soon the pack was on my front porch.



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Kifaru's AMR Bag—Up to the Task
By Brock Akers, Rokslide Moderator

When it comes to bag selections, Kifaru offers many choices. There is something for every style of hunting. For the type of hunting I do (backcountry, three to seven days) I had an idea of what I was after. The T1 proved to be an excellent choice for many trips, but when Aron Snyder told me about the Australian Mountain Ruck (AMR) that was soon to be released, I knew that I needed to have it. The AMR is a 7800 Cubic Inch (CI) bag that can be compressed down to next to nothing. I like the ability to pack all the gear I need for the week, hike in, set up my camp, then compress the bag down to "day hunt" mode for the rest of the hunt. The reason is simple: If I am lucky enough to shoot an animal, I can bring back a load of meat to camp rather than wasting that trip retrieving a full-sized pack.



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Aron pic

Buying A Backpack  A-Z

By Aron Snyder, Rokslide Prostaff

It’s that time of year again and all the hunting forums seem to get overloaded with “what pack do I need for my upcoming hunt, “ so I figured it was a great time to go over the key steps in getting a pack fitted for you as well as what size of pack may be needed on your upcoming hunt.

I will be breaking this down into several sections, starting off with what I feel is the most important!


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