Tony VTAC 1

Review: Christensen Arms CA-15 VTAC
by Tony Trietch, Rokslide Moderator

Quality gear is top priority for me; I enjoy the confidence that having the best gear gives me. Everything has a cost and with it comes decisions we have to make regarding value it delivers. No matter the homes we live in, the trucks we drive, or the tools we use to make a living, choosing quality usually pays off in the end.


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Kenai Chest Holster Review
By Luke Johnson, Rokslide Guest Writer

If you spend any amount of time in the mountains, you'll likely be wearing a backpack. And if you are spending any amount of time in the're also likely to be carrying some sort of sidearm for personal protection.


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Bipod Lineup

Bipod Shootout Review

By Justin Crossley, Rokslide Moderator

A while back, I had a new 300 Win Mag built as a medium to long range hunting rifle. As I was finishing up the project, I started looking at possible bipod options. I searched the internet and talked to some buddies but I really couldn't find all the information I was looking for. I looked at a bunch of manufacturer websites and read their descriptions, but still wasn't satisfied because I was looking for real world comparisons. That's when I decided the best way to get the information I wanted was to do a side by side test of my own. With that idea in mind, I pitched the idea to Robby and Ryan for a Rokslide bipod shootout. They both thought it would be valuable to the members and so the fun began.


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Elk Hunting with the Cooper Model 52
by Matt Cashell, Rokslide Staff

Earlier this year, Rokslide Editor Robby Denning asked me if I wanted to hunt with the Cooper Model 52. Well, of course I would!

Robby already had the Excaliber in 7mm Magnum in the deer woods, and he knew I would love to try it pursuing elk in my home state of Montana. You can read about his experience here

I am lucky to live right down the road from Cooper's manufacturing facility near Stevensville, MT and Cooper's own Glenn May showed me around the facility.  I did short write-up on that tour and my intitial experiences testing the rifle here

After that project, I couldn't wait to get the rifle in the hunting fields.


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