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Crispi Wyoming Boot Review
By Les Welch, Rokslide Staff

The balls of my feet were beginning to get warm. I was four miles in but still had 22 to go. I altered my gait, but it was only a matter of timeit was going to be a long day. By sunset, I had already used almost a full roll of tape; however, nothing but stopping would help at this point. I trudged on trying to enjoy the surroundings even though every step shot fire through my feet. The crowds grew, the noise intensified, the lights got brighter, and the adrenaline softened the pain.  I crossed the finish line and Ironman #4 was in the books.  My feet were torched and it was three weeks until elk season opened. The importance of comfortable, fitting, functional footwear never stood out as more important.


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Zamberlan 960 Guide Boot Review
By Brock Akers, Rokslide Moderator

Type in the search box on Rokslide "best backcountry boot" and be prepared for a few seconds of load time.  The discussions are almost endless. After you spend hours of research and reading, you feel as if feet are similar to the human fingerprint—no pair of feet are the same. This is true to some degree. This is also why companies like Lathrop and Sons are so valuable when purchasing a boot.


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Crispi Idaho GTX Boot Review

By Guest Writer Dustin Wittwer of Team Backcountry

Certain pieces of backcountry gear are crucial to a successful hunt. During this review, I wondered which piece of gear that I use is the absolute most important. During my years of hunting the backcountry, I've experienced gear failures from almost every imaginable piece of equipment, including tents, backpacks, bows, optics, clothing, knives, headlamps, and the list goes on! After reminiscing each of these gear failures, I realized that in each case the hunt was able to go on without too much difficulty.


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Crispi Nevada GTX Hunting Boot
By Ross Russell, Rokslide Prostaff

One thing you learn early on as a mountain hunter is that if your feet aren't happy, you aren't having fun! If you choose the wrong boot for your feet and the conditions, you'll suffer and likely cut your trip short. We've all seen either our own or our friends' badly mangled feet from blisters and the like. Just the thought of it makes you cringe and not want to be a recipient of this pain. I don't get to spend the amount of time in the mountains that I would like, so I refuse to lose a day to the result of poor boot selection.


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