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Lathrop & Sons High Country Synergy Footbed

Brock Akers, Rokslide Moderator

Boots are arguably the most important part of your hunting system and can make or break a hunt. It only makes sense to get them dialed in perfectly. A very important part of that equation is the insoles. Most boots come with factory insoles that are cheaply made and do not provide the correct support needed to maximize the fit and comfort of your boot. There is a plethora of choices in aftermarket insoles but my research led me to professional bootfitters, Lathrop & Sons.  They seemed to have figured out the secret with their High Country Synergy Footbed System.


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Tech-Lite Hunter Review

by Luke Moffat, Rokslide Prostaff

It's no question that finding a boot that works for your feet is vital for the backcountry hunter. Simply said, your feet are your mobility. If you can't walk due to bad boots you can't hunt. Finding a quality boot that fits your individual feet should be the highest priority for anyone hunting the backcountry.

I have always thought the brand name on the boot isn't nearly as important as how it fits your feet. So long as your feet agree, that is the first and foremost priority. I have used the Lowa Hunter GTX model since 2007, and find that they work very well and agree with my feet. In late 2013, Lathrop & Sons introduced the Lowa Tech-Light Hunter. Hoping Lowa had used the Hunter GTX as a guide when they designed the Tech-Lights, I bit the bullet and ordered up a pair. My hopes were that the new design would provide a little weight savings over my previous boots, while still offering the stiffness and support I would need for hunting mountain goats and Dall sheep.


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Alaska Mountains

Increasing Boot Performance

by Matt Wymer, Rokslide Prostaff 

My last several sheep hunts in my trusty old Cabela’s Alaska Hunter Boots by Miendl left me practically crippled. By hunt's end, blisters covered my entire foot: heel, sole, toes, and sidesnothing was left untouched. I had even replaced insoles and switched socks but still could not figure out why a boot that had fit perfectly for prior hunts was now failing me. I tried several other boots with similar results.  It seemed that it was my feet that had somehow changed. 


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The Schnee's Absaroka

By Erik Wallace, Guest Contributor

Schnee's designed their Absaroka, named for the Absaroka Mountain Range straddling the Montana/Wyoming border, for the serious backpack hunter. It's essentially a backpacker design engineered for the hunter carrying heavy packs in mountain conditions.

The Absaroka is a non-insulated 6-inch high boot crafted from 2.6-2.8 mm Anifibio full grain leather uppers utilizing a one piece vamp construction. This leather is stitched to a full polyurethane midsole and a full length 7mm nylon midsole with a Vibram Tsavo outsole.  This construction is supposed to help ease the break-in of this type of boots and as you'll read, I think it worked.


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