Alaska Mountains

Increasing Boot Performance

by Matt Wymer, Rokslide Prostaff 

My last several sheep hunts in my trusty old Cabela’s Alaska Hunter Boots by Miendl left me practically crippled. By hunt's end, blisters covered my entire foot: heel, sole, toes, and sidesnothing was left untouched. I had even replaced insoles and switched socks but still could not figure out why a boot that had fit perfectly for prior hunts was now failing me. I tried several other boots with similar results.  It seemed that it was my feet that had somehow changed. 


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The Schnee's Absaroka

By Erik Wallace, Guest Contributor

Schnee's designed their Absaroka, named for the Absaroka Mountain Range straddling the Montana/Wyoming border, for the serious backpack hunter. It's essentially a backpacker design engineered for the hunter carrying heavy packs in mountain conditions.

The Absaroka is a non-insulated 6-inch high boot crafted from 2.6-2.8 mm Anifibio full grain leather uppers utilizing a one piece vamp construction. This leather is stitched to a full polyurethane midsole and a full length 7mm nylon midsole with a Vibram Tsavo outsole.  This construction is supposed to help ease the break-in of this type of boots and as you'll read, I think it worked.


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Breaking in the Lathrop & Sons Tech Lite Hunter Boot

By Robby Denning, Rokslide Staff

For most of my backcountry hunting, I use horses. This doesn't mean I don't hike or carrry heavy packs, though. Horses are too noisy to be riding in deer country so I hike two to five miles per day.  Also, I often have to backpack a quartered buck to where I can get a horse or a pickup.  While I don't usually need a heavy duty full-support hiking boot like a hunter who hunts soley off his back, for these reasons, there is still one in my arsenal.  In the past, I used Vasque, Red Wing, and Danner.


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Schnee's Hunter II Pac Boot

by Robby Denning, Rokslide Staff

My father, Doug, was a big mule deer hunter from as early as I can remember.  Back in the late 70's, he taught me to hunt the aspen/sage country of Southeast Idaho as close to the rut as possilbe.  That meant cold weather, deep snow, chained-up pickup trucks, andif you wanted warm feetpac boots.  

If you're not familiar with the term pac boot, a loose definiton would be a boot with a rubber sole and bottom, leather uppers, and a removable liner.  It's the combination of those elements gives a hunter a warm boot that is easy to dry.


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