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Extended Range Muzzeloading

By Jim Carr, Rokslide Member

This is Part II of Jim Carr's series on improving your muzzleloader's accuracy and range.  Part I is here

I am always trying to maximize my potential in the field.  After shooting my 50 caliber Knight Bighorn with the Williams peep, I found that the drop was so steep that doing holdovers past 200 yards were unpractical. I decided that I needed an adjustable peep similar to the one on my M1A in .308 Win, the civilian verson of the M14 7.62x51mm NATO. I'd shot with good accuracy to 500 yards with the M1A and guessed that I could do at least half that range with a muzzleloader.  The only peep I found that didn't cost over $300 was the William's adjustable with target knobs.


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Petker bull

The Ultimate Backcountry Muzzleloader

By James Petker, Rokslide Prostaff

One of the most overlooked hunting opportunities in North America is the muzzleloader seasons. As an opportunistic hunter, I have keyed in to this fact and taken advantage of some tremendous limited entry and general season hunts and have been lucky enough to notch tags on some respectable animals while doing so.

Over the last five years ,the big hype in the hunting industry has been on ultra-light gear and carrying your camp on your back allowing you to maximize your time in the field. With that being the trend, Knight Muzzleloaders, an entirely American made company stepped up to the backcountry hunting plate and introduced the Knight Ultra-Lite with Western kit option (WA, ID & OR Legal). I may be a bit partial to Knight as they are the only muzzleloader I have owned or harvested with in the last 15 years but for good reason....


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buck in cliffs

Muzzleloader Buck Nevada DIY Style

By Travis Bertrand, Rokslide Moderator

The anticipation of May 25th finally came to an end at 4:06 PM when the Nevada big game draw results were finally posted! I was anxious to see if I would draw a goose egg like in years prior or might the odds finally be stacked in my favor this year? I unexpectedly found my name in the successful index and had to do a double-take because my name rarely makes it on that list! Soon the congratulatory texts started to roll in as my friends and I slapped digital high-fives. I was blessed with a muzzleloader deer tag for some of the roughest country Nevada has to offer. Soon I would find out first-hand just how steep this country really is.


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Idaho buck 

Maximizing your Muzzleloader with Peep Sights

By Jim Carr, Rokslide Member

I have always had an obsession for hunting and have hunted for years both archery and rifle. I first decided to start muzzeloading due to the extended muzzleloader seasons as well as the challenge. I live in Idaho where we have traditional muzzleloader restrictions for our muzzleloader-only seasons.

• Open ignition system
• Open sights
• Percussion caps (musket or #11)


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