Vortex Razor HD 5-20x50 Review

Jordan Kauer



A few years ago I got bit hard by the long range shooting bug. The more I learned the farther I was shooting and quickly started reaching the limitations of my gear. This spring I picked up a custom 300 RUM and wanted a scope that wouldnt limit the max effective range of the RUM. I made up a list of things I wanted in a scope:


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The Perfect Backcountry Companion: Swarovski 8x30 CL,

by James Petker, Rokslide Prostaff


In this review, I will show why the Swarovski Companion 8x30 CL binoculars may be the perfect optic for the weight-conscious backcountry hunter demanding high performance, top-tier optics but without emptying the savings account.  Let's first look at the cost and reference it to the overall weight and you will soon see why the CLs are leading the pack.


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Vortex Viper HS-T 4-16x44


 For the long range precision rifleman, it is essential to have an aiming device that allows him to place accurate shots on a distant target. A riflescope with exposed turrets and/or graduated reticle hash marks is the standard for shooting at distances exceeding 400 yards. The Vortex Viper HS-T works well for this purpose.


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Leica Ultravid HD 8x42

By Sam Millard


Long range hunting puts serious demands on a hunter’s optics. The shot is often taken at distances where most people would break out the spotting scope to size up an animal for a stalk. It entails hours of glassing, trying to pick out targets well beyond spotting with the naked eye. In northern Idaho, the vegetation and terrain requires the hunter to be able to penetrate thick brush and timber to find his quarry. It puts demands on optics like no other. I found the Leica Ultravid HD binoculars to be up to the challenge!


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