Phone Skope Review

by Jared Bloomgren, Rokslide Prostaff

Phone Skope is nothing new in the industry and has become the leader in marrying up your smart phone/tablet to your spotter. I had the chance to test one for the first time this last fall. I was excited to see if the product lived up to all the hype.

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Swarovski X5 3.5-18x50 Scope Review

Ryan Avery, Rokslide Co-Owner

If you talk with long range hunters very much, you will inevitably end up debating which scope is the best. While everyone will have an opinion, one thing we all will agree on is that if your scope does not dial correctly, then nothing else really matters.

When I found out Swarovski Optik was releasing a long range scope, I called and talked to my go-to Swarovski man, Rob Lancelloti, Public Relations Associate. I asked him A LOT of questions. He told me what he could, and promised me that I would have one in my hands for my upcoming fall hunts. In the meantime, he sent me some additional information on it, which I was all to happy to read.


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Vortex's Kaibab HD 15x56 vs. Vortex Vulture HD 15x56

The Definitive Review

By Robby Denning, Rokslide Co-Owner

* Disclaimer: I'm not an optics expert. I'm a four-decades mule deer hunter.  I can't explain chromatic abberation or tell you exactly how resolution is related to objective diameter. However, I have glassed thousands of hours in my lifetime and I know what it takes to put big mule deer in the dirt. If you want to talk to an optics expert, click off this page. They're out there, I'm just not one of them...

When I was kid growing up in the 1970's, my dad was ahead of his time.  While most hunters didn't even carry binoculars back then, he usually had a pair close by.  Taking it up a notch, he also owned and used a pair of 20x tripod-mounted binoculars something almost unheard of back then.  I can't even remember the brand but I do remember that while they were barely tolerable to look through, I could glass better with them than with a spotting scope or the smaller 8x binos so common at the time.  I could actually see bucks (under the right conditions) at four and even five miles.  Those binoculars finally broke and I forgot about the concept for a few years.


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Jordan Kauer Vortex 16-48

Vortex 16-48x 65mm Spotter Review
by Jordan Kauer, Rokslide Member

Up until the fall of 2012, I never really grasped the importance of good optics. Up to that time, my main focus was archery elk hunting. I didn't hunt areas where I could glass very far and also didn't want to pack anything unneeded, so I never even considered owning a spotting scope. That was until my friend Brandon and I decided to head to Utah to try archery hunting mule deer. We didn't even make it to our backcountry camp before I realized I was lacking big time in the optics department.

I had spotted some deer in the distance and pulled up my binos to see what they were; all I could tell was they were deer and one might be a buck. At the same time, my buddy looks through his binos and said there is a really nice buck in the group then pulls out his Vortex Razor 20-60x85 spotter to tell me he has an extra inline on his right side! I didn't even believe he could see that buck that good through his binos so he handed them to me. Sheepishly for the next 12 days, I would use either Brandon's binos or spotter, whichever he wasn't using because I couldn't pick out anything in the vast terrain we were hunting with the low quality binos I had.


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