IMG 0958847Review: Floorless Pyramid Shootout
By Josh Boyd, Rokslide Contributor
Pyramid style shelters have been around in various forms for well over two decades. A climbing trip to British Columbia over 20 years ago was my first introduction to this style of tent. The shelter was a heavy polyurethane coated nylon model made by Black Diamond called the MegaMid. It was a monster in weight and packed size compared to today's standards, but at the time the floor space and simplicity was unmatched for its overall weight. Over time the shapes, features, and materials have continually evolved. One of the bigger advancements has been the proliferation of light weight silicon-impregnated nylon which allows for a light, weather-tight build and sturdy construction. Combined with stove jacks and small packable woodstoves, it's no wonder floorless pyramids (also called "mids" for short) are popular with the backpack hunting crowd.


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Review: Exped SynMat UL 9
By William Hanson (live2hunt), Rokslide Moderator

Your rest is your recovery and few places is this more important than when you are expending enormous amounts of energy in pursuit of your quarry in the backcountry. Most have used less than spectacular sleeping pads in the past and suffered through the poor night's sleep and shoddy performance as a result. In my quest for better sleep, I decided to give Exped's SynMat UL 9 a try. Exped is based in Zurich, Switzerland, a hub for mountaineering and therefore good mountaineering gear. After a few seasons of use, here are my findings: (If reading just ain't your style, then click here for a video review on the Exped UL 9)


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EE lead photo

Enlightened Equipment's Convert Quilt Review

by Travis Bertrand, Rokslide Moderator

You flip through the pages of your favorite backpacking magazine or scroll through the Rokslide forums and you keep seeing all this talk about quilts. What are they? What is all the hype about? You're intrigued but scared to take the plunge. If this sounds familiar, then you will like what I have to say about the Convert from Enlightened Equipment.


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Hilleberg Anjan 2 GT

By Josh Boyd, Guest Contributor

With the stifling and overwhelming power of the sun pounding down, a steady drip of sweat from my brow, and a few creative explicative words, I crammed the tent into my backpack. I frowned at my hunting partner and proclaimed with dismay that my backcountry base weight is increasing with each new piece of gear, including this new tent I had just stuffed into my pack. But the extended forecast showed a cold and wet weather system heading our way, replacing the dry and hot temperatures within a few days. I grudgingly shouldered my pack and we started up the low-angled creek bottom.

Over the years my ideal backcountry shelter had morphed from double wall tents to single wall tents to floorless mids to asymmetrical cuben fiber tarps; now I was back to a double wall tent and was very reluctant to pack it for this ten-day adventure. However within a few days I would be grateful to have this Hilleberg along.


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