Grizzly lead photo

Grizzly Country Common Sense
By Tye Abell, Rokslide Member

For many hunters, the thought of camping, scouting, and hunting in the backcountry where grizzlies roam is more than they are comfortable with. The odds say that you're more likely to be attacked by a shark (1 in 11,500,000) or struck by lightning (1 in 700,000) compared to a bear attack (1 in 48,500,000); but even with that information, there's still an innate fear within many hunters that keep them from venturing into grizzly country. My first experience with backpacking, and camping around grizzlies came while I worked in Yellowstone National Park, where the odds of an attack are much higher (1 in 2,100,000). During my summer working in the park, I had two encounters involving grizzlies while day hiking and trail running. In both instances, as soon as the bears saw me, they turned and ran.


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Best Bear Baiting Tips

Text & Photos by Nick Hopkins


Spring is just around the corner and soon thousands of hunters will enter the woods in pursuit of black bear. For many this is an annual trip or a family tradition while for others this may be their first bear hunting adventure. Whether you plan to hunt DIY or take a guided trip, prepare to be challenged. A mature black bear is one of the smartest animals you can hunt and a bear hunt over bait is no exception to the rule in spite of common misconceptions. Here are some of my best bear baiting tips that will help you get a crack at a trophy bruin this spring.


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Judging Brown and Grizzly Bears


By Billy Molls


There is perhaps no other animal that is more difficult to judge than a brown or a grizzly bear. Actually, these two bears are really one-in-the-same. An Alaskan grizzly is nothing more than a brown bear that lives North of the 62nd parallel. There is some deviation from this boundary, but for the most part brown bear live near the coast and grizzlies live in the interior. 


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Bear Baiting 101

by Amy Hanneman

One of the highlights each year for me is spring Black Bear hunting season.  I have been baiting bears in Idaho for many years and it is something that I have become very passionate about.    Baiting for bear may sound simple, but it is actually a difficult and arduous task that requires a lot of dedication, patience, and a relatively good state of physical fitness (you may be packing up to 60 lbs. of bait up very steep mountains).  Packing a lot of weight into steep and rugged country is a good reason to stay in top physical condition.  I rarely hunt from a tree stand, but this is one area where I make an exception.


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