DVD Review: Long Range Made Easy
By Travis Bertrand, Rokslide Moderator

If you are like me and are always looking at improving your shooting, you need to check out this four DVD set by Accuracy First. Todd Hodnett is the man behind the DVD's, but he's better known for his involvement in the training of countless military snipers. Needless to say, he knows a few things about shooting long range (and sports a wicked goatee most men can only dream of growing).


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Extreme Angle Shooting

Steve Stidham


Chasing Sheep and Goats in the extreme terrain that they call home often ends with shot opportunities being at extreme angles. As if it were not difficult enough to deal with trying to settle a pounding heart and to control your breathing, a hunter must also compensate for both distance and shot angle.

Swarovski Optic EL Range 10x42 binoculars can help, these allow for instant angle compensation, range determination along with outstanding image magnification. When combined with a ballistic turret scope, extreme angle, long-range shots can be made with more accuracy.




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The author's 100 yard test range

Rehearsing the Long Range Shot

Sam Millard


My friend, Shawn Carlock, once told me, “You should have so much confidence in your ability to make the shot, that you are genuinely surprised if you miss!” I took that advice to heart and shape my long range shooting practice around it.

Like all of the long range shooters I know, I am a gun nut. I spend all year hand loading ammo and shooting. When the snow is blowing sideways, I spend hours in the basement dry-firing at tack heads to perfect my trigger press. As soon as it stops blowing, I plow a lane with the tractor and make some noise on the 100 yard lane. I test my rifles, the ammunition, and myself every chance I get in the off season. For the last several years, I have stayed away from the bench and shoot from the prone position for all load testing and zero checks. I always have at least one rifle in the truck while out in the woods in case a good long range target presents itself, usually in the form of a cluster of rocks across a canyon. My kids are well conditioned to sharing cab space with a drag bag or two!


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Long Range Shooting: What is your maximum effective hunting range?

by Doug Rosin


When I first started rifle hunting about 20 years ago, determining maximum effective range was much easier. I started with a rifle I purchased over the counter, shot factory ammunition, used an average scope and below average binoculars.  With that, I sighted in my rifle at 300 yards and tried to stalk as close as I could to my game before squeezing the trigger.  I was moderately successful this way.


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