Alaska DIY Caribou (and So Much More)
By Billy Molls, Rokslide Guest Writer

After about two years of trapping coons, muskrats, mink, beaver, and fox with my grandpa near my parents' dairy farm in Wisconsin, I knew I wanted more adventure: I wanted to explore a wilderness so vast I could never find it's end. I wanted to pursue animals that had never seen a human.  I wanted to touch the untouched...

"Alaska," my grandpa told me, "that's where I'd go if I were a young man. There's places up there that no man's ever been."

My grandpa never went to Alaska himself, but he certainly didn't steer me wrong.


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 Rokmoose18 Custom

Alaska DIY Moose, The Inside Scoop Part 1
By Billy Molls, Rokslide Guest Writer

In Part I, we discussed the rewards of an Alaskan DIY moose hunt, general methods of hunting, selecting a flight service, overall costs, and tents commonly used in Alaska. Once your hunt is booked, it's time to consider how to make your adventure, safe, successful, and enjoyable.


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Hunter Recruitment

The Importance of Recruiting New Hunters
By Hunter Cole, Rokslide member

At one time or another, all of us were non-hunters. Although some step into the hunting community with little to no guidance from others, the vast majority of us had mentors that introduced us to the hunting lifestyle and taught us the basics of successfully taking game.

For many, a parent, close relative, or neighbor filled the role of mentor, teaching basic fieldcraft skills, hunting techniques, ethics, and many other important aspects of being a successful and safe hunter. No matter who they were, these mentors play a crucial role in new hunter recruitment. There are many benefits of new hunter recruitment, both to the new hunter themselves, as well as larger groups of individuals that are involved with outdoor activities.


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