Lightweight Cordura Saddle Review

Even if you uses horses to access the backcountry, you still need to keep gear weight to a minimum.  While there are lightweight tents, stoves, and other camp essentials, don’t ignore your most important piece of gear in the backcountry:  your horse.


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Horses, Mountains, and Mule Deer

by Robby Denning, Rokslide Co-owner

The blizzard packed sixty mph winds almost drowning out the whinny of my saddle horse tied in the spruce a hundred yards above.  Working at a fevered pitch, I struggled to keep upright on the steep slope without stabbing myself.  My packhorse, Missy, tied a few feet behind me, answered her compadre’s cries for companionship.  With only one scraggly spruce to tie to at the kill site, I had to separate the horses, now my lifeline to get back to civilization.


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Hunting with Horses

by Cindy Wamsley

All hunting trips require a great deal of preparation. Add horses to the mix and you’ve got another element to prepare for. It is important to provide all the basic elements of survival for horses. They need food, water, shelter and the necessary equipment to help them do the job they are asked to perform.


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