Pony Express Pronghorn!
Guest Contributor - Andrew Miller

I snap back to reality, blurry-eyed and wrought with defeat. The thin film of dust and dehydration on my pallet guarded by salty, cracked lips is a cruel reminder of what spot and stalk antelope hunting is all about. Under my breath I asked myself sarcastically, “Are we having fun yet?”





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Speed Judging Speed-Goats - Scoring Antelope on the Fly

Guest Contributor - Travis Bertrand


I was making the long drive home from Wyoming after taking an exceptional buck when I realized I really needed to improve my antelope field judging speed and accuracy. I had just harvested my best buck, but I didn’t have a good feel for what he might score before or after I pulled the trigger.


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Understand Antelope Territorial Behavior for Success 

Guest Contributor - Scott Reekers


August 15th in Wyoming isn’t typically a celebrated opening day, but for the lucky ones who have an Antelope tag, it signals the start of archery season. For hunters that take advantage of every weapon and want to hold out for a good one, it’s a great time to learn the habits of individual bucks.


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Caring for Antelope Meat

Guest Contributor - Travis Bertrand


Antelope meat is some of the tastiest table fare I have ever wrapped my jaws around. It amazes me that so many people think otherwise. I can only assume that their “less-than-stellar” culinary experience can be attributed to substandard meat care in the field.


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