Idaho Backcountry Mule Deer Hunt

Brock Akers 


I slammed my tailgate, got a couple more clicks out of the ratchet straps holding down our gear and checked the trailer lights. Good to go... My phone navigation told me I had a day’s worth of seat time ahead to dream about the upcoming hunt.  To me, that’s the point where the rest of the world takes a backseat to hunting season!

Growing up hunting & fishing, this routine was nothing new. Many seasons, my step-dad Doug and I have made many trips...some successful, some not so much. When we decided we wanted to hunt Idaho mule deer again this year, I was instantly excited. The last time we'd tried our hand there was 2008 and the results were less than we’d hoped. However, now I was armed with more experience and was more motivated than ever to succeed in the backcountry. 


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Top 10 Glassing Mistakes
We all make 'em, and they cost us big bucks

By Robby Denning, Rokslide Co-Owner


There was a time that few hunters used optics to locate and stalk mule deer. Oh, they may have had a pair slung around their necks, but few used them to locate previously unseen game. Seems nowadays, more hunters are turning to optics as their primary technique and rightly so. In many mule deer units across the West, glassing will show you more bucks than any other method like still-hunting, deer drives, ambush hunting, and road hunting.


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My Wyoming Premiere

Desarae Beery


I can recall many fond memories of my father taking me along on a few of his hunting adventures as a little girl. I was always intrigued by the sport and the memories shared during those hunts that were a constant reminder. I never had much opportunity to get into hunting when I came of age, but I later took up archery which has not only become my passion, but also reintroduced me to hunting. After making a move from Colorado to Wyoming I had to wait a full year before I could apply for a resident license. After what seemed like a very long wait, I was finally a resident and was able to pursue the love I had as a little girl.


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Cindy Wamsley


My passion for hunting runs deep. Need proof? Well, I’d rather be hunting than opening Christmas presents, my favorite place to shop is a sporting goods store, camouflage is my favorite color, my ring tone is an elk bugle, I ask for a gun at every gift-giving opportunity, and when we see a deer grazing along the road, the first thing my daughters say is “Shoot it Mom!”


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