Sheep Hunting Tips & Tactics

by Robert Hanneman

We all have an animal that is our favorite to hunt and my preference is the Bighorn sheep.  I do not consider myself an expert sheep hunter, but I have been on my fair share of sheep hunts.  I have had the opportunity to assist and/or film California, Dall, Desert and Rocky Mountain sheep hunts.  Unfortunately, I have never killed a bighorn sheep myself and I dream of the day that I will hold those horns in my hands and know they are mine.  At three different times, I have had in my possession a tag for bighorn sheep in Montana, but they have all been in the unlimited area and I never found a ram I wanted to harvest.  For the last twenty years I have been applying for sheep tags, and with over 100 sheep points across the West, I know my time is coming soon.


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Archery Hunting North American Wild Sheep

By Rebecca Francis

Sheep hunting is an extremely difficult task under any circumstance due to the rugged terrain they inhabit. However, it is particularly difficult to get with in bow range on a trophy ram. They have incredibly keen eyesight, and maintain a huge advantage by living on mountain peaks to detect any danger approaching them. My first sheep hunt was in pursuit of Dall ram over 15 years ago. I took a beautiful 40 inch Dall with my rifle at just over 500 yards. Sheep hunting fever got in my blood, and has never diminished.


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