Review: Ovis Sacks Lightweight Game Bags

Ovis Sacks Lightweight Game Bags Review By Tony Trietch, Rokslide Moderator Like most hunters chasing big game throughout the West, my field care of harvests consists of boning...

Outdoor Vision Ridgetop Bino Harness and Sightline Rangefinder Pouch Review

Outdoor Vision Ridgetop Bino Harness and Sightline Rangefinder Pouch Review By Brock Akers, Rokslide Prostaff If you are hunting out West, chances are glassing will be an important part of your...

MSR vs. Jetboil Showdown

MSR vs Jetboil The year I was just getting into backpacking, there was a website also getting started. It was Rokslide--a forum and e-mag type website built around gear for...

FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe 

FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe    by Becca Moffat   Many of our friends have big, commercial sized vacuum sealers at home. Although they seemed handy, I was always reluctant to...
Keepin' Cool

Beat the Heat! Cool Strategies for ICE Conservation

Beat the Heat - Cool Strategies for Ice Conservation Travis Bertrand with contributions by Darin Cooper Since I live and hunt in the high, remote deserts of Nevada, it’s...
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Review: Siberian Alpha 85 Cooler

Review: Siberian Alpha 85 Cooler By Josh Boyd, Rokslide Contributer For some reason high end coolers can be a hot topic in online forums. It seems like people either...

Black Diamond Icon 500 Headlamp Review

As backcountry hunters, we all strive to have a well-rounded gear list full of items that we know we can count on, everything from your spork down to your...
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Cooking Systems

Cooking Systems By Les Welch Choosing a cooking system for the backcountry; boils down to 3 things for me. 1) Reliability, it needs to be tough. It...

Yeti Roadie 24 Review

Through the years, Yeti has made a plethora of coolers and accessories. What is nice is watching companies like this grow and listen to customer feedback. They are always...

Midland Radio GXT1050VP4 Review

Communication between members of a group hunting an area can be important to success and safety.  Picking the right radio for a hunt is no different than selecting the...