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    Season - 2020

    Been after elk since 9-2. Blessed with elk camp less than 2 hours from home, so I can’t claim I’ve been up there full time. Home now(second time) for a night or two. My home herd. Been very close to closing the deal on a couple elk since the storm. Ended up getting 8+” of snow and it is...
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    From the field, north Idaho warning ⚠️

    Yeah we still are. It is coming down with a vengeance at 10k in W colo.
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    Season - 2020

    Finally got into elk today, but couldn’t close the deal.. different drainage.
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    Season - 2020

    Kept pushing, 8-10” Snow.
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    Tire chain advise

    I don’t know the tech specs. I just have a set of heavy duty standard chains and they have to go on the rear on my 06 gmc. You live somewhere warm where chains are not available?
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    Protect your gear from being stolen?

    I would not leave a firearm in the vehicle. That said I just left my camper in nat forest while I run home for a few days. There were no guns left in it either. Yeah I have a trail cam watching it, but really it’s all a game of chance. Too bad we can’t cut off a thieves right hand, but...
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    Sitka took a stand

    If Sitka really wanted to make a stand for the environment they should quit making their gear in China, one of the worst polluters in the world. Anyone buying their gear should really consider that.
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    Who is going to Colorado next week? [emoji3063][emoji3063]

    Been hotter than the gates of hell. Bring it.
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    First time Colorado OTC archery hunt

    legit advice. You will find plenty of parking spots without doing that. Fire danger is off the charts for now too. Weather is supposed to be coming in next week.
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    Bugling From Road Question

    Listen to Elknut. This bull was taken 600 yards from a heavily used forest service road, and closer to our camp. By a first time elk hunter from out of state In a very popular OTC unit. The elk just don’t hate vehicle traffic noise like we think.
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    Holster Recommendations

    That is some artillery. I hope you have been shooting it enough to be proficient. I’m not sure if it would fit in here, but the hill people recon bag is legit for a 1911.
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    Season - 2020

    At least my boots were drying out quick, after I found out how deep 4” of water really is when you sink in the mud below.
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    Season - 2020

    A fine base camp has been set, and I have been covering some country on foot. Stripped down to a T shirt by noon every day. No elk yet. The Heat wave is about to be broken, possibly snow on Tuesday. No bugles yet. I have been doing pretty good on trash detail, anybody lose their release...
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    Aspens or heavy timber? Archery season

    I’ve taken a lot of elk in the aspens, with a rifle. I have yet to fill a bow tag, but all my close but no cigar bow encounters have been in the thicker stuff. Our season is here, and I will be spending a lot of time in the thick.