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    7mm. v. 30cal.

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    What short action caliber has the most force at less than 500 yards?

    Assuming you mean energy? 325 WSM would be my guess
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    7mm. v. 30cal.

    700 yds = LFW
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    Tikka t3 bolt stop mod

    I was into all that kissing lands stuff....until I wasn’t. 😉
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    Tikka t3 lite .308 bullet options

    I’d bet factory Lapua 155 Scenars would bighole.
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    Favorite Printable Targets?

    Try a paper plate without any kind of “bullseye”’ll be surprised.
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    Harvest vs Kill Poll

    It all depends on your hat. Flat brim - harvest Curved brim - killed Cowboy - keeelt Beanie- missed Beret- photographed No hat- dude, did you see that?
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    Trigger Pull Weight

    I have this weird thing where I like heavier triggers on heavier recoiling rifles. I reckon somehow heavier grip pressure means I want heavier trigger pressure. But I also stare “through” a scope and shoot in the present tense and only observe the pressure of my trigger finger. It’s old...
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    Harvest vs Kill Poll

    Here’s a basket of apples I killed for you...
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    Harvest vs Kill Poll

    If I’m talking to a snowflake, it’s “grocery shopping”
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    Backcountry Burglars

    I’d bet it’s more locals that feel “entitled” to an area than visitors.
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    Is it legal to shoot a deer that got hit by a car ?

    Good question. I hit a small buck last year and it was still edible when I pulled over. Waited for a cop to show up write a report....thing got run over at least another 4 times. Wasn’t much left. I wasn’t sure if I had to call a cop or not, but he said it helps with insurance claims to have a...
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    Spike camp chairs ?

    Z-Lite pad with a loop of shock cord around each end. Flip it in half and you’ve got quite a seat. Then it goes back under the BA air core at night.
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    How many rounds do you carry?

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    Trigger Pull Weight

    Never cared about the weight as long as it breaks clean. I’d never hunt with a #1 trigger.