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    2022 WY elk updated on TagHub

    Its the same darn info they have had up for over a week?? What is new about what they posted?
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    Experience with KUIU Venture series?

    I am looking at a day pack and am looking at the KUIU Venture 2300. I am going to use it while hunting on horseback. Any reports of the zippers blowing out on the Venture series packs ? I am very open to suggestions My wants are: I want a removable belt because my sidearm is belt mounted I...
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    Next ultra light rifle options?

    NULA, Melvin Forbes he started and set the standards for light weight rifles, you will not be disappointed. CONTACT MELVIN FORBES
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    Need a new scope.

    I am of the age when the sun rose and set on Leupold scopes. I am looking for a rifle scope for a buddy's 300 Win rifle. The rifle will be used on elk, mule deer and antelope. The first use will be in elk camp at high elevation, for us flatlanders, at 8,400 feet in forested and burnt timber...
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    To Outfitters: Help me to be a better client

    I will also say that we as hunters need to be honest with the outfitter and guide about our abilities. On the last hunt I booked a 1:1 because after a stroke a year before that I didn't want to slow a hunting partner down. My guide was a true gentleman about my pace and we both understood...
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    To Outfitters: Help me to be a better client

    Been on a few hunts where the "entitled" made it difficult for the rest of us. In the old days, I used to ask the outfitter if any "writers" would be in camp and we also tried to fill the camp with as many known people as possible, via the party draw system. Share a camp with as many know...
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    Help me choose a 7mm..

    280AI, its within spitting distance of the 7mm Mag (rem) and recoil is less considering the rifle and action weight. Melvin Forbes builds very nice custom LW rifles, he started the trend and is the standard in many ways. The 160 Partition has killed a few bulls for me and does it well. Your...
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    Traditional Clothing

    Take a look at Johnson woolen mills in Johnson VT. 100% us made, various weights Mackinaw coats, shirt jackets, shirts, several style pants and they even have bib overalls like farmers swore by. American made and good folks as well.
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    Guided hunt fee structure

    To the OP, I believe you have an issue with your outfitter. If he represented a certain class bull and you didn't see animals in that class you were either misled by the outfitter or the animals that were in that area last year were not present this year. Either way, you did shoot a bull. I...
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    Which Lightweight 280 AI?

    Another suggestion, Sir I have been a fan of New Ultra-lite Arms, formerly known as Ultra-lite Arms for a very long time. I have an M24 (long action) in 280AI that has been a wonderful rifle for me. It is without flaws and superbly accurate. My load consistently shoots 160 NPs into 3/8-5/8...
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    Crimper Die needed?

    Redding is a reputable company, call them, review your process and if the issue is on their end they will make it right. The lee die & process should not be needed. What caliber and cartridge are you shooting ?
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    New Ultra Light Arms Rifles

    The Leupold 2.5-8x is a "golden ring" they are guaranteed for life, send it back to Leupold ? The 3.5-10 is a larger and heavier scope, great scope but a different size class - where will you be hunting ? The Leupold 1-5x is also a very nice size and weight if you don't get illuminated...
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    New Ultra Light Arms Rifles

    Sir, Melvin Forbes builds great rifles. I am fortunate that I have 3, a model 24 in 280AI and 2 m20's one in 257AI and one in 284 Win. I believe you will find his rifles to be a great performing rifle. The stock as you may know is of his own design and the build process of that stock is his...
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    Anyone using 200 grain Partitions in their 300 RUM?

    IMR 7828ssc and 200 gr Partition at 3,050 fps and shoots in the 3/8" to 5/8" in a 300 Weatherby
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    Heavy sock suggestions for pack boots

    What do you recommend for thick heavy socks for use with pack boots?