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    Who runs a Weaver K6?

    I got a couple k4's I'd part with
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    Utah Elk Hunting

    what season?
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    WTS CVA Accura MR w/Nitride Finish

    I bought this rifle, which looks like new, a few years ago thinking I would do some deer hunting with it. Mounted a Weaver K4 Classic scope, 4x38, sighted it in, almost 5 holes touching at 100 yards, cleaned it and have not used it since. To much of a die hard bowhunter. Comes with a Blackhorn...
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    Suspect I've Found an Illegally Constructed Hunting Lodge on NFS Land...

    I and a friend of mine found a camp set up where the guy was clearly driving in in an area that was designated roadless according to the USFS map. I was able to get pics of the guy driving in and with his vehicle parked at the camp sight. I texted a pic to my friend and he called the local USFS...
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    WTS Sig Sauer 15x56

    price drop to $900 shipped
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    WTS Sig Sauer 15x56

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    Arrow build confirmation

    OT2 has you slightly stiff with a 100gr head, 50gr insert on Hunting mode. 28.5" arrow is dead center. Target & Hunting mode is dead center with a 29.5" arrow. Use a 75gr insert 100gr head and its slightly weak in Hunting mode. Use a 27.5" arrow and its dead center. Target & Hunting mode is...
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    Swarovski Binoculars - Where’s the best deal

    I too have been shopping around. Of course the Swaro's would be first choice but def a lot of coin. Only been at this for 2 years and have already spent a small fortune to get up and running. Ive tried Khaibas and couldn't get full picture, the interpupilary distance was to wide I believe, need...
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    Iron Will accuracy help

    Sounds like this is the problem to me. I would try a 125gr and a 100gr head or maybe just a 100gr, both field points and a broadhead and see what happens. If they come together, this is the problem.
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    WTS Sig Sauer 15x56

    Lightly used from the truck or an atv. Perfect glass, no scuffs on the body. They look like new. Sigs lense covers leave a lot to be desired so I picked up a set of Vortex covers, I'll be sending those along too. For those of you that aren't familiar with these binos, you can read Robby...
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    Worth it? Bowtech reign 6

    So just to be sure im understanding the draw weight is just that correct? For example, a 70lb draw @315fps vs a 60lb draw @315fps... no real difference except your pulling the extra weight to make up the ground? correct. but a bow with the same ibo speed, in this case both at 315, the 60 lb is...
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    Attaching bow to UTV

    I use a ATV Tek FFG1 FlexGrip Pro Single Rider Gun/Bow/Tool Rack up front. Holds the bow solid with the limb slots.
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    Worth it? Bowtech reign 6

    Also on this note, would a bow with a higher ibo such as this bowtech outweigh a heavier pull on a slower bow? 60 lbs is 60 lbs, 70 lbs is 70 lbs. It doesn't matter how fast the bow shoots. The beauty of fast 60 lb bows is it saves your shoulder without giving up much performance. I know a...
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    Which broadhead for elk?

    imo, either one will work just fine, but I would shoot the arrow that flew the best. out of my bows, the best flying arrow is the one that is flying so straight, that I can't see it in flight.
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    Nikon Fieldscope 13-30x50 video review

    Thanks coop! I am really stuck on going the 13x40 route or the Razor 11x33? Ever compare the 13x40 to the Razor?