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    WTS ILF limbs

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    WTS ILF limbs

    Sebastian Flute Ultimate Pro limbs. Foam cores and carbon. I heard, don't know if its true or not, that these are rebranded Win&Win Innos. Very smooth with excellent speed. [email protected], 68/25 so mediums. Limb skins are vinyl so can be peeled right off. Used very little, look like new. $260 shipped.
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    WTS Zeiss Conquest 8x32

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    WTS Closet Cleanout - Sitka, Kuiu, Firstlite, & Kenetrek

    medium. it does go over the top of my Uncompahgre jacket which is also a medium no problem
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    WTS Closet Cleanout - Sitka, Kuiu, Firstlite, & Kenetrek

    Sitka Traverse gloves - mediums- Sub-alpine and Open country - SOLD Sitka shooters glove - medium - SOLD Kuiu Merino beanie - SOLD Kuiu Merino neck gaiter - SOLD Firstlite Leafy Jacket and facemask in Fusion - medium - SOLD Kenetrek gaiters - SOLD I don't think I have used any of this...
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    WTS Zeiss Conquest 8x32

    You guys have me questioning my sanity
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    WTS Zeiss Conquest 8x32

    Excellent shape, only used for a few months. No scratches on the lenses or scuffs on the body. Includes an extended set of eye cups. $680 shipped.
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    Sig Zulu9 15x56 vs Tract Toric vs Athlon Cronus vs Older Swaro

    Robby Denning did a comparison with the Conquest, Sig, and Swaro in 15x a few years ago. The Sig and Swaro were pretty much tied. Conquest finished below those two.
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    WTS Nikon Eyepiece 27x/40x/50x Wide DS

    Nikon Fieldscope fixed power wide angle DS eyepiece. This eyepiece will give you 27x on the 50mm, 40x on the 60mm and 50x on the 78mm or the 82mm. I've used it a couple times off my back porch so condition is like new. $130 shipped.
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    Tuning Help: Bowtech Realm SR6

    Maybe your arrow spine is to weak?
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    Leupold Bx-4

    I had a pair of 8x42 and 10x42. The fov is over stated, they weigh more than they claim. The view is on par with the razor and they control ca as well as the slc. But, one night I sat down on my back porch as the sun was going down and was glassing deer a mile away or so in the alfalfa fields. I...
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    50mm Spotting scope shootout.

    Would you consider this scope to be in the razor and ed category? thanks

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