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    WTS Enlightened Equipment Enigma Quilt

    My ordering error on this one. Grabbed a long, wide version in 10 degree fill when I really needed an extra long and extra wide like my other one. Son discovered it on our trip last weekend as he is my size. Thought he was crazy and then found out I was crazy. Anyway, I bought it a week ago...
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    Colorado 1st Rifle Weather

    Weather at home Wed is 74 degrees for the high. Weather Thurs is 24 for the high. Tossing in a few extra sticks of firewood for the cylinder stove. Looks to warm up starting Sun again. Hoping it gets the bulls bugling for everyone.
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    Wall tents

    Forecast is calling for 12 degrees for me later this month. Throwing in a little extra wood and my cylinder stove to go with my 14x16 Davis. Having to piss a few times at night allows for easy reloading of stove on the way out and back. Should be nice and toasty in the tent. I have slept 5 in...
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    I rang my bell pretty good with a braked rifle. As my kids got older, I got rid of all of the braked guns I had in case one of my kids was hunting with me or perhaps shooting one. Don't miss them but obviously others love them. We just kill stuff with little guns now and shoot a few suppressed.
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    0 or +20 slick bag?!

    Have an old generation 20 that feels like a 40. The newer gen 0 degree bag is for sure closer to its rated value. I'm considering another for my wife or daughter to use.
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    Pressure washing elk skull

    This guy was in 90 degree water for 9 days and all the meat just melted off of him. Gentle hosing then back into dawn dish soap water for a bit to degrease. Now doing some sunbathing with peroxide. All bones intact. For the OP at the stage you are in right now, I would submerge head with a...
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    DIY 1lb 2-man Tarp/Tent

    Neat that you pulled it off. For me, I'll whip plastic on a mountainsmith tarp again if I need one. Low skill set lol.
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    Remington 700 Budget(ish) Proof Build

    Smart move
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    Bedding the rail on your rifle

    Have an old favorite Rem 700 action. Due to how it was machined, the rear base is lower than it should be. So I take the time to bed the rail to this one if and when I swap them. Probably takes up about 1/64 of bedding as seen in the pic. This allows you to mount the rail in a stress free...
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    6.5 Creedmore

    Shot placement, shot placement, bullet, cartridge. Or something like that.
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    Chamber vs traditional vacuum sealer

    Used a food saver for the last time in 2018. Had some freezer burned meat that was only 6 months old with it. Now using an LEM this year. Just did an antelope and liking what I am seeing. Will know more in a year after an elk and few deer get done yet this fall.
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    Vortex scopes on 338’s

    For a very reasonable price point, a 6x or 3-9 SWFA would be worth strong consideration.
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    boiling and cleaning skull help

    Maceration takes 7-10 days, but results in 100% of the bone structure remaining and very nice end product. If you live someplace where you can allow the maceration process to work, I'd recommend that. That would be a place with a detached garage or barn or outbuilding. If interested in...
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    Long range doe antelope rig

    Sometimes you need to really stretch it out when hunting sharp eyed plains game. Nothing like the ballistics of the .570 roundball to level the playing field right?
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    24/48hr Beetles in Colorado

    Lot more to it then just letting the beetles or maceration clean it up for sure. Typically I'd never suggest boiling, but for 24-48 hours about only option. Finish whitening it up when you get home. Beetles or maceration I think do by far the best job.