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    Need a Barrel Threaded near Denver

    If you have a Thunderbeast, I'd simply drive it or UPS it to Cheyenne. I think Mile High Shooting has a smith who does great work too.
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    Nice start with new Elk/deer/bear rig

    After a lengthy search, I ended up with a nice traditional left-handed Hawken. Made by a TN smith named Bergmann a few years back. Has some interesting history. Barrel is a GRRW barrel from Utah back in the late 70s or 80s. 58 caliber, 33" long, nice maple stock. First 4 shots I ever fired with...
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    Best budget long range scopes

    Yes sir, you'll be fine. Used a 6x SWFA to shoot a bear at 600 yards with no issues. I guess if you want to shoot prairie dogs at 1,000 you may need more power.
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    New rifle...which scope?

    Nightforce SHV F1 is nice.
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    Rifle build from a clean slate

    Either of those rigs would do everything I ever needed done. And all others would just sit or be sold.
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    Rifle build from a clean slate

    I'd go with a 6.5x47, 6.5 creedmoor or quite possibly the 6.5 PRC. I'd go with an 18"-20" barrel, a Mcmillan classic stock, dbm bottom metal, trigger tech trigger and suppressed with Thunberbeast UL7. Scope would sit in seekins rail and rings, and would be under 16x Nightforce. Bullets 140 vld...
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    Do you keep a round in the chamber?

    Hard to make blanket statements regarding this stuff and when you do there will always be instances where someone has a viable alternative point. I try to reinforce muzzle control at all times with folks I hunt with and tell them to also watch me and correct if needed. I think younger hunters...
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    Question about THOR bullets

    Those are very impressive. Did either hit any big bones or just nice rib punches? And wondering what twist rate they like?
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    What's the smallest mule deer buck you would shoot?

    I like plains whitetails better but high country bucks have been tasty too. I'd be trying for a 170" or better.
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    Shipping a rifle

    Brownells sells a 5 pack of sturdy shipping boxes for $80. I just sold 4 and all 4 arrived safe and sound. They are very nice and save headaches. I put each rig with bolt removed in a soft gun case. Packed around that and taped them up. They worked great. Only ship to FFL holders.
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    Custom build

    Nice twist rate. What bullets are you going to shoot? For rings, like Seekins a lot. Or the one piece scope harness from Nightforce.
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    New setup

    Most of this stuff has more resale than archery, photography or camping equipment. Keep experimenting till you find what works for you. SWFA 3-9 would be the scope I'd choose since you asked about opinions, but actually it would probably be the 6x since most of my shots are past 35 yards.
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    Colorado Compliant Bullet

    370 maxiball went all the way through very nicely.
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    Gun shot a couple good groups today.

    I need to try RL26 with a few 180 Scenars just to see how they do. My rig has an 8.5 twist as well.
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    Beginner Long Range Scope

    The SWFA 6x and 10x are hands down the best at cheap dialing. Have them on a number of rigs and they do great. Shot a black bear at 600 yards with the 6x. Could easily go further with it. For long range I want repeatable turrets and they do an amazing job at that. You can spend far more and get...