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    Missouri Bowkill 19’

    188 gross, but higher will not surprise me. Great buck no matter the score. Early season ones tend to eat really well too.
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    2018 bull elk mount

    Looks like my drahthaar had some quiet time with it.
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    Rifle rebuild

    My 18" 30-06 that is chopped and threaded does 2700 fps with 180s. At 8,000 to 12,000 feet elevation it'll do fine to quite long range.
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    Ethical ?

    My Kifaru can carry 150 pounds. I can't. Not upset about it that some can. Same here. Let people do what they want.
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    22LR - Long range training

    Keeping all 10 in 1" is going to be rough. Managed 9 out of 10 on both 10 shot groups. Need to get this thing out into a prairie dog town in a month or two. All up it is a pretty light rig for what it is. SK Standard Plus for these groups.
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    Am I wasting my money?

    Remove the contact points in the Hogue stock and then bed the lug. While it is off, grab some spray paint and paint it if you don't like the factory look. It might work great and you're out no money really. Otherwise I'd save up and put a McMillan Classic on it. Just restocked this rig with...
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    22LR - Long range training

    Haven't shot mine at 100 yards much at all. This is at 50 yards. It seems to like the cheaper SK Standard Plus. Will go longer when the weather warms up here.
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    Bargain gear for the poor or beginners and tight asses.

    Great tarp for the money here. Very light and very roomy. Prefer a Kifaru with stove but this would do starting out.
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    Bargain gear for the poor or beginners and tight asses.

    That has potential. I'll check one out.
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    Bargain gear for the poor or beginners and tight asses.

    SWFA 6x milquad rifle scope for $260 has been a great scope. Havalon knives with disposable blades, another cheap but good piece of kit.
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    22LR - Long range training

    Ryan, How many rounds total through your rifle so far? To me that seems like a really good 100 yard group there. Nice shooting.
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    22LR - Long range training

    Mine got a new stock today. Now it matches up with my hunting rigs very nicely. They are pretty fun and mine needs to see more trigger time when it warms up.
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    SWFA 3-15 MOA or MIL?

    Seeing both at $559 right now.
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    An unexpected surprise - spend my money

    I must be hard as hell on stuff. I buy binos and in a few to 5 years, the lenses are trashed from all the dust I deal with when scouting and hunting. Kind of settled on mid range stuff as a result. If my life will exceed another 5 years, I'll be needing more binos.
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    Insuring hunting gear?

    I made sure my family would benefit from term life insurance. I own car and house insurance as well. Its all the insurance I need. I am always disappointed to hear of younger guys with families who are too cheap to buy term life insurance. Have seen it end very badly for a number of families in...