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    10 month wait for kuiu attack pants about to come to an end

    WOW! I don't have any of their gear, and it appears I won't! I really wanted to look into them when I was shopping for clothing this last year but couldnt find any to try on so ended up with sitka. 10 months!!!!!!!! That's a recipe for low sales right there
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    DIY Hydro-dip

    looks good bud! You want to do my shot gun? lets see 46/4 = hell ill make it a even $13 ;-)
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    Too early to scout?

    FTF Thats is a cool site! Thanks!
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    2012 Idaho Muley

    Thats a super buck! Who cares what it scores!!! but I would like to know what the spread is!
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    A true giant-of-a deer

    what a hog! I would look funny walking around after I saw him! Tripod out! ;-)
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    Buck Of A Lifetime!!

    That's a monster of a buck! COngrats
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    Is this buck a shooter?

    Why are we not getting a pics of them off the hoof?
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    MT Giant Down!

    WOW congrats! If they have a gov. tag in montana it just went up!
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    Wife got another smoker wa whitey!

    My beautiful wife took this guy sunday morning wit hone shot thru the neck! so proud! So jealous but proud
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    Three week saga in the Wyoming High Country finally comes to an end!

    Great write up! and a beautiful buck!
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    Three Great Wyoming Bucks

    WOW my hat goes off to all of you!
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    Buck Down!

    Awesome memories right there! With a great buck to boot
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    Big Bull for my dad

    Way to go man!
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    Co Success!

    THats a hell of a buck! congrats well done! Post a pic after you get all that velvet off k LOL
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    Idaho archery bucks

    WOW I loved your video and have the highest hopes for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck