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    WHAT WOULD YOU DO? An ethics question.

    That's a gift. It's rude to not accept a gift
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    Moving - furniture blanket suggestions?

    Why not go to the Good Will and buy some old blankets?
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    Headlamp help

    Petzl Aktik Core. $65 on Amazon. 300 lumens, Red light in addition to white, and comes with a rechargeable battery(there is also the same light, but without the rechargeable battery, so pay attention if you decide to buy one). Remove the battery pack and you can use 3 AAA batteries instead. I...
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    I say instead of sending him a check, we should send him a glitter bomb.
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    Hunting Food

    I've taken salami and cheese in the past and still do as a regular staple. The salami can get a little greasy as it heats up, but it's not a big deal to me. The cheese does fine for a few days. Hard cheeses are better then soft ones. Buy the individually wrapped little slices. I knew a guy who...
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    New back country hunter. pack weight

    You'll get there in time. Just weigh every single item that you take. As you look at replacing things, get the weights of the new items and the price, and then figure out the weight savings per dollar spent. This will help you decide if replacing said item is really worth it or not (unless you...
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    What does everyone do for a living?

    Signalman for a Railroad. You know all those red and white gates that stop traffic from crossing the tracks when a train comes? I install and fix that system along with a few other things
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    Lightweight water bottle for Kifaru pouch

    Nalgene HDPE bottle for me.
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    Fat Guy Weekly Weigh In.

    Consistency is key. Even if I'm tired and have no desire to go to the gym, I still do. I may not run for an hour, but I still get about 30 minutes in. Some days I am able to power through and do go the whole hour, and on those days I feel a real sense of accomplishment. My diet is nothing...
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    Fat Guy Weekly Weigh In.

    Finally below 200 today (199, but I'll take it). I haven't been this light for almost 10 years Lost about 80 pounds to date. Another 25 to hit my goal. Hoping to reach that by October.
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    What battery bank?

    RavPower 10000 mAh. I have a 26k I use for real long trips
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    Nalgene Question

    This ^
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    Fat Guy Weekly Weigh In.

    This is a great thread, I'm in. About 12 months ago I was around 280 and in the worst shape of my life. Today, I am 207 and hitting the gym 5+ times a week. My goal is 175 by September
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    Electronic charging

    Ravpower for me. Picked up the 26k on Amazon prime day for about $28. Works great no issues. I mostly use the 10k though
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    Cheapskate Friend problems

    Finding a good hunting/fishing partner is harder then finding a wife IMO. Usually before I invite somebody to go out with me, I invite them to help me with some sort of large project around the house (or work on the truck, haul wood, ect ) and see how they are. If they jump right in and help or...