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    Forster Coax

    The only thing I have about my coax, is that I didn't buy it sooner. Expensive, but very very worth it Bought mine from midwayusa.com
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    Facts and Reality on Border issues

    That's a tough ass job, thank you for your service
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    Best Kifaru hunting pack

    I also run the fulcrum. Big enough for a 10 day hunt, folds into itself for day mode. It's also great for when it's pouring rain. You have enough room to just cram everything into it without having to get everything "just so" to make it all fit.
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    2018 spring bear back from taxidermist

    Very nice. Congrats on a great hunt 👍
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    What do you use for a Bino Harness?

    AGC classic
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    Kifaru Guide Lid vs. OGL ??

    I like the OGL, but sometimes wish I had the guide lid. I think a guide lid with attachments for a small pouch or two would be my ideal setup. I don't need the shoulder straps, it's only off my pack if I leave it at home.
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    Holy Sheep!

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    New from Montana

    Welcome. I'm in Billings myself
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    Trekking Poles into Bi-Pod

    Surgical tubing?
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    Volume Gun Suggestions (RPR, CTR, ?)

    I agree that there is nothing better then actual trigger time when it comes to getting better. With that, you can also dry fire the weapon and go through the motions without wasting ammo. When I hit the range, first thing I do after building my shooting position is several dry fire rounds. It...
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    Volume Gun Suggestions (RPR, CTR, ?)

    If you are wanting to get better at shooting and calling wind with your hunting rifle, then I would suggest shooting your hunting rifle. Take the price of a new rifle and scope and put it towards ammo and maybe even a training class or two. But, It sounds more like you want a new rifle to play...
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    Top end bi-pods ??

    Atlas 5-H gets my nod.
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    Pad R value standard,2020 roll out

    Love the idea Now they need a way to accurately do this with sleeping bags and quilts
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    Raised Cheek Piece -- Savage 99

    Well done. Definetly better then stacking foam, covering it with gorilla tape, and then throwing on a neoprene sleeve. That's how my rem 700 rolls and while functional, I've never been happy with it. I think I just found another winter project.
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    Hand loading one at a time

    All my hunting rifles get rounds loaded one at a time, same with my precision gun. 223 and pistol rounds just get cranked out on the LNL.