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    Sawyer mini or squeeze

    +1 Sawyer squeeze
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    This is why our Deer numbers are down!

    That looks like a house cat. If you have a lot of those around and then they start disappearing...
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    Inreach issue help Appears there are no issues right now. I would recommend subscribing to this and whoever you message should know how to look up issues as well.
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    Inreach issue help

    Did you check for service issues? They will have bugs and other things from time to time that effect different functions of the unit.
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    DIY Trail camera security box

    Nice. They look very stout. I would recommend a drain hole in the bottom, if not already drilled.
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    small game forum

    Hunttalk has a good small game forum
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    DIY Carbon Fiber Tarp Pole

    Lol, yeah that won't work for you.
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    Better for cold weather (Obsidian or Corrugate Guide pants)

    I wore the Obsidions with the Allegheny bottoms during the polar vortex this year (-28*). I was ok if I didn't stop moving. I don't think you will see anything nearly as cold as that. It really just comes down to how you layer and how you treat your gear and what you prefer (Merino or...
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    DIY Carbon Fiber Tarp Pole

    What about using a couple of Costco trekking poles? About $35 for the pair. Cut off the handles, then make a coupler where you can but the two larger sections together so each end will telescope outwards. Should cost you maybe $40, weight less then a pound and have good adjustability.
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    Tripod for the Backcountry

    Slik 634CF. Great tripod, but probably out of your range after tax and shipping
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    Best value on 0 and 20 degree bags

    REI actually has 2 models of the magma. One is rated at 10* and the other (which I am lucky enough to own) is rated for -20*. I got mine on clearance for $300.
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    Garmin Inreach super slow

    Did you check to see if there is any service issues? You can subscribe to receive email updates of known issues. I have ran into issues similar to you and it was an issue with the "back office", not the unit.
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    Gearing Up.

    There are a lot of good threads on here about food. The 2 big keys are shooting for 100 calories or more an ounce, and packing what you like to eat. If you follow that, you should be ok. If you're more of a YouTube kind of guy, this is a good video. It's Jason Harrison and what he packed for a...
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    Newbs Unite: What’s the Dumbest Mistake You Made 1st Time Out

    70+ pounds for a 3 day hunt, with enough food for a 10 day hunt.