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    Sold Badlands Upland Huron Jacket & Pants Set - Medium

    Selling together - $70 TYD. Both size Medium.
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    Sold Sitka Ballistic Vest Medium & Sitka Status Beanie

    Selling together. Vest includes the shoulder pad. Size is Medium $60 TYD
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    This is why we cant have nice things

    Also, if it hasnt been posted yet:
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    This is why we cant have nice things

    So my first thought was ‘great, she posted wolf pup dead this is the game warden and baboon family pic all over again.’ I mean seriously, would you post a fawn you shot with spots and all? In northern virginia just around DC deer are rampant and theres no virtually no bag limits in some areas...
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    WTS Crispi Lapponia - 10.5 $215 TYD

    $215 OBO Like new - purchased February this year, wore on one day scouting trip and a few days around neighborhood trail to see if i could break in. My right foot just hates stiff boots. Ive tried all brands and hoped these would work but just not comfortable for me. Feels great in my left foot...
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    Ground Attack or never take off your harness

    Glad you are OK! Stats are clear - majority of tree stand accidents are the transition/ascend/descend and people not being tied to tree. Agree with others that even being tied to tree can get dangerous. I'm hearing of saddle hunters getting injured. I can't stress enough to anyone going vertical...
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    Question for Hunters with T1D

    That crash later is a bitch. So I got a new Endo 3 months ago - she's both a type 1 researcher at a the university and type 1 herself! She's been a phenomenal coach and really helped me better understand and manage my stuff. If only she hunted lol. She does hike a lot so she's helped with that...
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    Anyone tried peanut oil in your chainsaw?

    Why not just mineral oil? We use it on cutting boards. Olive, Avacado, Peanut oil can and will go bad. Especially if it gets hot. A buddy of mine is a chef and scolded me for keeping my olive oil both next to the stove, and in an open container - needs to be in a sealed container/bottle and...
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    Question for Hunters with T1D

    I know there are a few of us on here with T1D or who are parents of someone with T1D. I first want to say THANK YOU to all of you who private messaged me earlier this year when I shared my new diagnosis. You all gave me a lot of hope and determination that, although different, hunting could...
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    Adding to this - PayPal wouldn't let me use my funds to buy ammo from a retail store. Literally in their policy.
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    Am I being too nit picky?

    No offense, camo isnt gonna make or break deer hunting. You’re thinking too hard. Just watch Dan infalt videos fir proof… Nice camo though!
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    I finally found it! Scent Control that WORKS 100%!

    Alright Ill do it - if it’s still at Marshalls i’ll buy it and try it lol
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    I finally found it! Scent Control that WORKS 100%!

    This is the best comment i think
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    Sold 209 in-line Muzzleloader primers

    There are some damn decent people on this site - got a reply thanks!!!
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    Sold 209 in-line Muzzleloader primers

    I know this is a stretch, but just need a small box (100) of 209 inline muzzleloader primers. I am almost out and cant find any locally. If anyone has a box to sell you’d be my hero. Thanks in advance.