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    Hike or raft for pack out?

    What happens if the bull doesn't go down right away? what if he heads away from your camp and or your rig? Say he travels 2 or 3 maybe more in the wrong direction?
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    Hike or raft for pack out?

    Just an FYI. I bought some heavy duty "contractor" bags...…….. They leaked. Fortunately I caught it in time and dried the meat out. Ended up laying the quarters in the bags in damp sand on the bank. Before you submerge them, try it. Mine had tiny leaks in the corners by the seams.
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    Knife recommendations for field dressing

    THIS^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The only knife that I have chosen over the knife my Grandfather made and he died over 80 years ago. Although I still carry it any time I'm hunting. I have dressed out an elk and two deer without changing or sharpening a blade. Scary sharp so be careful.
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    More categories for classifieds?

    It ain't broke so don't try to fix it.
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    California Hunting First time

    D14 has 3000 tags and 363 deer taken. That's barely 12% success not 15%. Ca is as terrible with math as they are game management. Historically, D14 has been around 10% give or take. It can be a good zone if you can learn it and great zone to learn to hunt in.If you are trying for a X zone, then...
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    Mathews arrow web vs Tight Spot quiver?

    TightSpot 7 arrow. Two grouse arrows plus five broadheads. Sanme basic size and weight and if you don't want or need seven just use it like a five.
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    California Hunting First time

    I hunted and lived in D14 since it was D14 and before. I haven't hunted it for 6 years but I have a hard time believing a 15% success rate. Highest I ever remember was 9% and pretty sure from what I hear from others that still hunt there, that it hasn't got any better. The only reason it's...
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    Idaho Elk Hunting

    Or starving wolves as they have eaten all the elk.
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    Broadhead Target?

    I shoot a lot and limit broadhead use to just the lead up to hunting season. I make sure they hit with the FP's then just maybe a couple everyday. That said, I just plan on a new Rinehart 18-1 every year. I buy blems when they're on sale. I paint them tan and pick my spot just like an elk. The...
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    Would a side arm be necessary? Also what caliber?

    I carry there too. And everywhere else.
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    Idaho OTC Archery. Bannock or Pioneer?

    The elk probably won't be where they were in the summer come fall.
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    Badland's vs Kuiu for best elk huntin pack

    Here ya go!
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    I need a smaller pack that can also carry meat Exo 3500 is too bulky for Day hunts

    I don't under stand the problem. You can adjust the 3500 so the "lid" is down on the middle of your back and no where near your head' I use mine for everything. I wear it loaded with my hunting gear (around 25#) when I walk the dog, practice shooting my bow etc.
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    Would a side arm be necessary? Also what caliber?

    I have a S&W 340PD, .357 mag five shot that just stays in a holster attached to my EXO K2 belt. It weighs under a lb loaded. Speed loader in the pouch.