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    Caribou Fly in Hunt

    I am sure i will need a hunt partners sometime in the future, just not sure when. A couple of my previous hunt partners want to go again, but after that I'll be seeking a hunt partner.
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    Caribou Fly in Hunt

    You should be able to do a good caribou hunt for that budget, provided that number does not include any taxidermy costs... FYI on the "fly in front of the herd" aspect - there are a number of caribou herds in different parts of Alaska; many are not as large as in the 1990s, when people hunting...
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    2018 or 2019 CARIBOU HUNT FOR MY SON AND I

    I think this is a pretty good round number for guys to start with - may be a little less or a little more depending on your flights into and out of the bush, but 7K is a good ballpark figure. My costs are a bit over 7k, but I spend 3 days in Anchorage on each side of my hunt, so my hotel...
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    Processors in Anchorage

    +1 on Indian Valley Meats and 10 and M Seafood
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    First DIY Alaska Float hunt

    If you can book Larry Bartlett's hunt service - do it. He had a ton of personal knowledge across a broad expanse of rivers. Larry is a member on this forum and is usually booked a couple of years out, but maybe you are looking 2-3 years down the road anyway?
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    Bone-in quarters...

    I've been fortunate to harvest moose in the units where deboning is legal. I am 58 now, I'm hopeful that I never need to find out if I can handle a bone-in moose quarter. The knees and ankles take a lot of the stress - really recommend that you bring trekking poles and use them, they take a...
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    Packing out caribou

    Great info on bone-in weights, and great photos Bambi! I generally hunt with 1 hunt partner, and we typically don’t shoot 2 animals at once. So, we usually each take a bone-in hindquarter and a bone-in front quarter on the first load, along with all of the gear already in our pack (spotting...
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    Bargain gear for the poor or beginners and tight asses.

    I’ve been hunting remote Alaska for moose and caribou since 2002, have gone up from Maryland 13 or 14 times, and going back this year. The trip costs a lot with bush flights and airline flights to Alaska, so I have always been cost-conscious about gear. I use a Ruger bolt action .338...
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    Bear defense......

    Walk yourself through your 10 day hunt... Where will your rifle be, when you are relaxing in camp? When you're cooking food? When you're taking a crap? How about if you harvest an animal - where will your rifle be, when you're field dressing the animal? I've hunted remote Alaska about 12-13...
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    Handguns 95% effective against bears

    Bear spray has been shown to be problematic in windy areas. And guys who hike or fly deep into the backcountry may not have the space or want to bear the weight of both. Glad spray has worked for you, but there are environments or situations where it may not apply.
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    Getting From Anchorage to Tok

    Good deal Andrew! Won't be long now, time is flying. My hunt partner and I fly (weather permitting) into the bush on August 29, and return to Tok on September 5. About the time when Vern and the moose hunters will be flying out. :)
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    Alaska caribou for me and the wife

    "I was within spotting scope range of John's camp when his tent got flattened in that storm. My buddies were in my 12 man Tipi and it weathered the blow while I and a friend collapsed my Sawtooth and rolled up in it. Thankfully it wasn't cold. The storm of 9/11/92 was much worse as it snowed two...
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    Alaska caribou for me and the wife

    Wright Air out of Fairbanks used to fly caribou hunters into the Southern Brooks Range, might want to give them a call. 70 North Aviation used to fly people into the Brooks from somewhere off the Haul Road (Dalton Highway north of Fairbanks), but I heard of a few overbook situations a couple of...
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    Getting From Anchorage to Tok

    Andrew - glad all of your group is still committed and are excited to go! The first 120 miles or so of the drive from Anchorage to Tok (from Anchorage until a ways past Eureka) is some of the prettiest country along the Alaska road system. About 20 miles after you pass Eureka, the terrain...
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    Moose Hunting Horror Story

    He got off WAY too easy - this story was posted in June 2018, excerpt and link below... "Thomas G. Shankster of Aurora, Colo. was sentenced Monday to pay a $35,000 fine in Aniak District Court, troopers said in an online dispatch, after pleading guilty to two misdemeanor counts each of aiding...