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    Judging "50" Moose

    The scope reticle method is theoretical. Basically, it's the opposite procedure of ranging a distance by measuring something of known size with reticle sub tensions. I did it once, and I will never do it again. It led me to believe a moose was definitely 50". Then, after it was dead, I...
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    Swarovski 95, upgrade to 115?

    Then I would definitely go to the 115!
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    Swarovski 95, upgrade to 115?

    If I was just watching for the enjoyment from home, I would first upgrade to the BTX (if you're not already) then to the 115 and then maybe the 1.5x multiplier.
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    jetboil ignition problem

    The spark wand may have gotten bent too close to the burner. Make sure it has enough space for a big enough arc.
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    Kowa TSN-554 vs Leupold GR 12-40x60 HD

    The Kowa is definitely better. If you can swing the $1500 for a small spotter, there is no better.
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    Big Kodak Bear or Kamchatka Bear calibers

    A 30 cal mag will be fine, but the bullet must be very tough as shorter range shots are more likely and impact velocity may be too fast. I would want a copper monolithic in that case for sure.
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    Backcountry T3x Stock

    Yep, if the factory stock isn't a problem, it's not a problem.
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    Political threads

    Good move, Rokslide. While political threads do serve a purpose, I believe the current tone of them are anything but helpful. Politics are best discussed in person and outside.
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    24 Million Dollar Question.. Best place to live in Alaska for big game and river fishing.

    Bingo. Unless you are financially independent, this is real hard to beat. Living up here is expensive and the oil industry pays well. There are smaller communities still on the road system that you can qualify for subsistence hunting permits. And with the on/off work schedule, you will...
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    WTB Left Handed Rifle 7mm 08 or 308, etc

    I am selling a LH ruger American stainless compact in 308. I should say that I definitely wouldn’t consider it a light recoiler with its lightweight and narrow buttstock. But PM me if you are interested.
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    Vapor Barrier Liner/Clothing - Sleep System

    I’ve done light windbreakers underneath insulated layers. While it does keep the clothing drier, my skin and inside of the windbreaker get really wet, which is just another problem. In theory it should work but I’ve found the only way to stay truly warm is moving around often and I will...
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    .308 130ttsx

    30 yards
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    Opening Day: Tikka T3x 6.5 CM or Tikka T3x 270

    The one that is shooting the most accurate, with the ammo you have, from the positions you will hunt with, at multiple distances. It would be a fun range trip to test.
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    .308 130ttsx

    I’ve done a caribou and a 5’ grizzly with it, short range. Both were dead within seconds, though the caribou had more meat damage than I would have liked. For that reason, I prefer to keep impacts around 2200-2800 FPS.