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    Jim Shockey on Border Closure

    Most travel insurance companies don't cover pandemic related issues.
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    Jim Shockey on Border Closure

    "10% profit." What a lie. I can't speak for every outfitter but I know several in BC that spend less than 40% of their hunt cost on overhead. Some outfitters are using covid as an excuse to keep deposits and rebook new clients at higher pricing.
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    Tok Air Canceling trips for 2021?

    I know he blocked a remote landing strip last fall for his own use. Very unethical to say the least.
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    Mountain Goat Outfitter in Canada for a Canadian Resident

    I would stay away from Fehr Game Outfitters in BC. I hunted with them for goat and over all it was a poor experience.
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    POLL - How Many PPoints Did it Take in CO this Year for Deer?

    The unit I applied for was 100% with 7 points last year and this year I did not draw with 9 points.
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    I drew Wyoming elk! Unit 22!

    According to the G&F, about 40% of the herd that occupies areas 22 and 111 lives in the Haystack Mts that is essentially inaccessable due to the checkerboarded land. You won't have any issue finding public land bulls in 22 but the quality of elk (and deer) has been negatively affected with the...
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    Border News..

    The trouble is, the same people who think the last election was somehow stolen are the same misinformed people who think the vaccine changes a person's DNA. To try and argue with people like that is to waste your time. Canadian outfitters have been receiving government stimulus money to carry...
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    Rain gear for Alaska moose?

    I have used many products and still feel 3-layer gore tex remains the best waterproof fabric you can buy.
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    Leica APO Televid 65 vs. Swaro ATS 65

    A Kowa rep told me about a new pure flourite 99mm spotter that was supposed to come out last year in 2020 (must have been delayed due to covid) and I have since heard from a few people that a new 66mm pure flourite is in the pipeline too. I have been patiently waiting for over a year to grab one...
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    17B and season dates... Responding to calls?

    I have hunted 17 and found the dates of Sept 5-15 to be a little too early for calling. Later season hunts, especially the last 10 days of September, were much better for getting bulls to respond and come in from my experience. You might be successfull calling in 17 but I would plan to do more...
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    ID Moose worth it?

    Idaho non resident drawing odds are actually much lower than most people realize. Plus, the state doesn't guarantee a single non resident tag and caps the maximum to only 10%. I quit applying in that state years ago because of the poor reciprocity with other western states.
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    Renting a vehicle long term in Alaska ?

    You might try the TURO app. Turo is a private party rental app. Generally speaking the pricing can be lower renting from a private party than from a typical rental car company, especially if you consider an older vehicle. The bad thing is that your rental reservation can be cancelled at the last...
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    Question about Zeiss Conquest 15’s

    I had the conquest 15's and found the focus wheel to be very finicky. Just a tiny bit of wheel movement would bump them completely out of focus. They were usable but I ended up going with the swaros for better CA control. Were you able to set your right eye diopter? You can always send them...
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    Leica APO Televid 65 vs. Swaro ATS 65

    You might wait a bit for Kowa's new 65 or 66mm spotter with a pure flourite lens. I too have owned both the leica 65 and the swaro. I would agree that the focus system is better on the leica. Resolution, edge clarity, CA, etc are very close but as another noted there is a different tint to each...