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    New Swaro 56mm Spotters ATC/STC

    I get lazy and leave the tripod a lot. Last sheep hunt didn’t bring it. Some rocks or my packs works well enough
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    40 Mile Caribou Backpacking Hunt

    They can’t really expect people to call during the day right?
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    WTS Barrett Fieldcraft 30-06 w/ Leupold VX3i

    I’ve got a Fieldcraft in 30-06 with a Leupold VX3i on Talley rings. I’m think $3000 obo. Located in Alaska. PM me for pics.
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    WTS Sauer 100 Atacama 6.5 PRC

    what are the threads?
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    WTS FS: Barrett Fieldcraft 6.5Creed

    $1800 pm me.
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    WTT Tikka 6.5 prc for 223

    Send me a price. Trade are hard on internet. There’s plenty of Tikka 223’s for sale.
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    WTS Hilleberg nallo 2

    I'm interested PM me a better price if you have one.
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    AK Sheep, Population Observations

    Getting rough down here in the valley as well. Roof's blowing off left and right. Any guesses on mountain ranges to avoid this year?
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    WTS Hawke 15-45 x 60 spotter $320

    Hawke Endurance Ed 15-45x60 spotter. Excellent shape used for a week. Just have too much glass. Really impressed. $320 shipped. Know I paid a lot more
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    WTS Kifaru Cly stove 18” ti

    For sale used lightly Kifaru 18” Ti cylinder stove for sawtooth and Paratarp stove pipe. $220 shipped. Mosquito netting for Sawtooth $50?
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    WTS Hilleberg Enan like new $650

    Green Enan like new. $650 shipped
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    River drop camp tactics

    Thanks Larry. We’re headed out the 16th for 5 days. Hope to do basically what you’re saying. Not much elevation where we’re going, plan to bring a hang-on to get more visibility and basically do what you’re talking about. Will report back!
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    Sheep Tips and Tricks

    Mark your tent if you leave it!
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    Most important question before a hunt…

    I’m bringing 1 for 2 weeks. But now you have me thinking.