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    Help me buy a Swaro Spotter

    PM Sent
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    WTB Barrett Fieldcraft 6.5cm threaded

    I picked up one of the new green models for less than the price you stated above. If you want to PM me I can let you know where. The place I bought it from had a low price but it some pretty terrible shipping/customer service. It looks a little different in person than a lot of the pictures I...
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    PWS Alaska Solo Goat Hunt

    Thanks everyone for the kind words! I didn't draw anything this year, so looks like I might have to go see if that other bigger billy is still around :) With this nice weather and more sunlight in AK, it's almost starting to feel like spring. Which is motivation to get back in shape with lots...
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    2018 Bear Success Thread

    I took this black bear over Memorial Day weekend hiking in on the Kenai Peninsula. I was about 8 miles back from the truck to where I killed him. I had stopped at a small creek surrounded by alders to fill up my nalgene. As soon as I was done and walked 20 ft back up to my pack and rifle, he...
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    2019 SHOT show Thread

    Will Barrett be offering any new calibers? Or special runs of current calibers like they did with the 6.5cm? Thank you!
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    Hi Tom, I just saw this message, thanks for reaching out back in September. I ended up having...

    Hi Tom, I just saw this message, thanks for reaching out back in September. I ended up having a great hunt and posted a story about it in the goat thread. I'm anxiously awaiting the draw results next month for Alaska so I can start to set plans for next year. Hopefully I read a story about a...
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    PWS Alaska Solo Goat Hunt

    I finally have some time to share my story and pictures from my goat hunt during the last week of September. This was a registration hunt in Prince William Sound area. My Dad and I took the 26' Osprey out and left the dock on the morning of 9/28. He stayed on the boat and I ended up renting 2...
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    Alaska DG352 Brown Mtn Goat Hunt - Partner needed

    Gonna throw out a Hail Mary here... I am looking for a partner to accompany me on my goat hunt, DG352 Brown Mountain. My original partner had to back out due to work obligations this past week and I have been unable to find a replacement in my circle of friends. Last year I was successful in...