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    Gaiters recommendations

    I have a cheaper option, SKRE, and I like them.
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    Film Finding Wild. Any thoughts?

    This was the trend in fly fishing movies several years back. I had to stop watching.
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    Any mushroom hunters on here?

    It’s been warm and wet here in NC, so I guess there should be mushrooms? I’ve never found a morel, but if I was to go on a quarantine hike where are the “hotspots” or places to target?
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    Jeep Gladiator.....good investment?

    I would think regardless of mods it would be hard to sell any Tacoma for 55k. I have a 19 OR but I got the manual and I’m pretty content. I would like sliders and OVtune and call it good. I plan to keep mine.
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    WTS Kuiu Guide Jacket L Vias

    Not worn much. Always washed with a capful of Nikwax. Minor if any wear. $140 shipped
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    44 mag

    Hunting deer with mine this instant. Thumb sized entry and quarter exits. My gun is somewhat picky on ammo but likes the cheap PMC Starfire 240s the best. Married to a vxiii 1.5-5 it’s a great combo for woods carry. Not loud, no recoil and lightweight.
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    Vision Kamado grills

    Well that sucks. Grills are great though.
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    Eastern Mountains Big Buck Tactics

    Any late season tips from you pros. Been hitting it hard the last couple weeks. Finding tons of sign but not sure how to see anything during daylight.
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    Rem 700 SPS worth buying anymore?

    I wanted one in 25-06 one time and when I went to order at my LGS they said SPS stands for Shitty Plastic Stock. I ended up not ordering it.
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    My First Mountain Buck

    What’s the story?
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    Tikka break-in

    I never got my first one to shoot, coulda been me but I don’t think so. This one is already better.
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    Tikka break-in

    Reset the stock and checked zero again this AM. It’s back.
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    Tikka break-in

    So here’s what I did bought the gun first thing this AM. Converted over rail and scope from T3 lite and went to shooting. Cleaned barrel, shot once, cleaned, shot twice, cleaned, shot 3, cleaned, shot 5 cleaned and then fouled with 2 and shot groups. It was putting 5 around an inch with factory...
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    Tikka break-in

    Going to pick up a superlite soon hopefully. If I can get it in the morning I would like to try and get the barrel going as quick as I can get to the range. Do tikka barrels need breaking in or do they just need a few foulers then start shooting groups?