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    .45 Colt loads

    I like you, man.
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    Rem 700 SPS worth buying anymore?

    I wanted one in 25-06 one time and when I went to order at my LGS they said SPS stands for Shitty Plastic Stock. I ended up not ordering it.
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    My First Mountain Buck

    What’s the story?
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    Tikka break-in

    I never got my first one to shoot, coulda been me but I don’t think so. This one is already better.
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    Tikka break-in

    Reset the stock and checked zero again this AM. It’s back.
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    Tikka break-in

    So here’s what I did bought the gun first thing this AM. Converted over rail and scope from T3 lite and went to shooting. Cleaned barrel, shot once, cleaned, shot twice, cleaned, shot 3, cleaned, shot 5 cleaned and then fouled with 2 and shot groups. It was putting 5 around an inch with factory...
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    Tikka break-in

    Going to pick up a superlite soon hopefully. If I can get it in the morning I would like to try and get the barrel going as quick as I can get to the range. Do tikka barrels need breaking in or do they just need a few foulers then start shooting groups?
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    Vision Kamado grills

    I have a Pro-C model. I stepped up from an Akorn also. I like the Vision a lot better. I took some of the felt gasket material and lined my ash drawer tray with that, it now seals up great and I can hold temps great on long smokes. I do not use the starter port but I use the starter I just put...
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    processing fun and by fun I mean a lot of work

    Walton’s imitation bacon
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    HOYT RX-4

    They are up to 4 lbs. they get fatter every year.
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    Holster set up kenai vs rozco vs anything else

    I like my razco for everything but tree stand sits.
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    Ready to go

    Pretty AF
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    fresh venison tomahawks

    What did you use to cut the ribs?
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    Scope cap suggestions

    I have butler creeks on 3 scopes and about to purchase for a 4th. My experience with moisture and snow has been favorable, and most importantly dust/debris control which is the biggest threat to clarity in normal use. If I had a once in a lifetime type hunt I might would splurge on Aluminas.
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    Hunting Tips and Tricks to SAVE money and hunt more

    You don’t need a custom rifle to hunt big game.