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    Deciding to pay off house with retirement savings...

    I wish when I was 31 I was in the position you are in. You are smart to save as much as you can and have a plan to exit the rat race. Luckily when I met my now wife, she opened my eyes to personal finance and investing. The only debt we have is our house and we are heavily investing to make...
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    Affordable merino base and mid layers…

    I also use the coldpruf platinum performance midweight base layers that are 70% polyester 30% merino wool. They aren't expensive and they are warm.
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    Affordable merino base and mid layers…

    SKRE has some some merino base layers on clearance. Their Granite series had a mistake in the dye process and it has a blue hue. I picked up the 150gr merino shirt and pants because the animals aren't going to see them.
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    Irish Whiskey

    I'm a bourbon drinker but I do enjoy Irish whiskey. The Irish whiskey that I go through the most is Jameson Caskmate Stout. I drink it neat and also make cold brew Irish coffee with it. When my wife and I were in Ireland a couple years ago we picked up 2 bottles of Jameson Crested, 2...
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    Accidental deer “ham”

    I have done my own bacon, corned beef, pastrami, and hams before. One tip I can offer is to do a fry test to taste the salinity of the meat before you smoke/cook it. Slice off a small piece, fry it up and taste it. If it is too salty, soak it in water in the fridge for a day or two changing...
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    Dip in the Market, what are you guys buying?

    I am kicking myself right now. I had shares of CLOV at an average price of $8.70. I ended up selling when it came back up from $6 and broke even last week...
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    New SKRE Pattern & Gear Giveaway

    My first deer hunt ever this fall in West Virginia
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    Height and weight

    5'6" 218lb last doctor check up a month ago. Weight should be going back down but I don't own a scale so won't know until I go back to the docs next month. Working on my health and the long walks during the turkey hunting season definitely showed me I need to get walking/hiking more.
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    If you didn’t Hunt...

    I am just now getting into hunting, so if it wasn't the whole outdoors hobby wasn't around, I would probably throw my extra time to garden, game, or woodwork.
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    Pants for the vertically challenged

    I have this problem with all my pants, not just hunting pants. I am 5'6" and wear a 34X28. I get all my pants altered to fit.
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    Stand Mixer Meat Grinder attachment

    I had one. While pushing semi frozen brisket through for sausage the collar that holds the die on exploded (since it was plastic). I have since got a dedicated grinder which is much faster and I don't have to worry about plastic parts exploding off the thing.
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    What knife does everyone carry?

    My wife got me a Buck 840 Sprint Select for my EDC.
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    Store bought composter that tumble have crappy capacity. Depending on how much kitchen scrap you compost you can probably get away with worm buckets in different areas of the garden. You can use 5 gallon buckets and drill a bunch of holes on the side and bottom. Bury it in the garden up to...
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    Rental car sticker shock

    Didn't think about that since I don't have kids. Makes sense.
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    Rental car sticker shock

    People use checkbooks outside of their house this day and age?