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    KUIU Facebook Photo Contest For A Coues Deer Hunt

    Sorry to bug everyone...but as most of you know...bowhunting is a huge part of my life. I have an opportunity of a lifetime to go on an all expense paid hunt through a photo contest that I was chosen for. Out of thousands of photo submissions, 12 were chosen to be in an Eastmans' magazine...
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    KUIU polartec shirt - my new favorite item

    I'm always a day late! :)
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    2012 Utah Mountain Goat

    Congrats!! I am looking forward to my archery goat hunt in BC this fall.
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    Antelope GRIP AND GRIN

    Great buck, Skinnypete!!
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    Ata live !!!

    Totally don't know how I missed this thread at the ATA show...great meeting you as well, Evan! Haha...yeah...I have a slight long draw advantage. Show was extremely busy...I am still trying to catch up.
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    My 2013 Big Game Set Up

    Great setup, Evan. I guess we think alike...I am running basically the same setup this year on my Motive 7 as far as front and side stabilizers go. Brady
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    3.0" Norway Fusions work great out of my setup.
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    Backpacking photo contest

    Great photos everyone!!
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    Wait or jump?

    Wait to stand. Trust me on this one.
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    MT Giant Down!

    Congrats again!! Heck of a bull
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    98.4 KE and .67 momentum on my Maxxis 35.
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    Uphill and Downhill shots without ARC rangefinder

    Great post Darin!!
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    60-70 or 70-80 lbs draw weight?

    I currently shoot a 78.5 lb Hoyt Maxxis 35 bow, with a 506.4 grain FMJ arrow, at 296 fps. I have a long draw length and shot an overdraw. Been a great performer hunting this year.
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    2012 NIdaho OTC Bull

    Great bull!!!
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    Do you process meat yourself or have it commercially processed?

    I like the satisfaction of doing it myself. Always have and most likely always will. The price of the equipment pays for itself very fast.

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