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    Replacing a recoil pad

    That should be a Supercell pad #19484, that originally came on it which has two screws, one at the top and one at the bottom.
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    PSA... Optics Planet

    Weird, I haven't ever had a problem ordering from them before. My last order was a trigger, which I received, but I did also receive some anti walk pins for an AR which I did not order. They made sure I hadn't been charged for them, apologized and told me to keep them.
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    Kifaru super tents

    I've never used one on a sheep hunt, but it has worked well for me. Pretty lightweight, ample room for one with gear, you can put two with gear but it will be tight and a pain to get inand out, easy to set up and take down. I do prefer the Mega just because it carries its height the whole...
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    What are your thoughts on the Kung Flu?

    With roughly a 2% death rate it is far more deadly than the flu which stands somewhere around .09%. The two are not comparable.
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    Best Mule Deer Rifle

    My preference would be the 243.
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    Need a new wallet

    Magpul Essential Wallet, not leather but works well.
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    ASAT Camo still relevant?

    ASAT works very well. It is my preferred camo.
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    Glass vs contacts while hunting and scouting

    Those seem like a pretty good option. Where did you pick those up? Esse quam videri
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    Just thought was worth sharing

    It might help to look at things they put money into.
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    Havalon dropping blades

    In breaking down well over 250 game animals I have never experienced this issue. A call to Havalon seems like a legit step. Esse quam videri
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    Long range rifle caliber for elk and whitetail

    Personal experience would be that 30-06 or 6.5 Creedmoor will work well. My thoughts are that there a lot of other calibers that would work just fine.
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    Glock Mods - Yes or No?
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    Savage 110 Storm Lightweight

    I've never had a Savage that didn't shoot well. Started buying in the late 80's I believe, as they were about the only affordable option in a left hand version. As to reliability, I've never had one break and I have used several all over this nation and a couple other countries. I'm pretty sure...
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    Monopod, Bipod, Tripod...

    Tripod is the steadiest, the trigger stick seems to work pretty well, and works for a spotter. I've used two hiking sticks in the shape of an X for years with good results as well.
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    Thank you Randy Newberg /gutless method.

    I haven't gutted a deer in years. I joined a lease this past year, and a member is extremely upset that I use the gutless method. He has insisted that a person cannot get all of the meat despite agreeing I got all of the meat from the last two kills he saw. Weird, but true.