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    Bag vs quilt; nemo vs HG

    I am 6'1, 285lbs,and wear a 3xl jacket. I run the regular length and wide width 20 deg HG. With the pad straps I dont have any issues with it. I have and would recommend it to anyone that wants to get into quilts on a budget.
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    Best “value” in a sleeping bag

    If you are open to quilts hammock gears econ burrows line when it's on sale is hands down the best value to weight/warmth. 20 degrees wide width for 24oz on my scale for $160.
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    What knife does everyone carry?

    I work 3 blocks from Kershaws warehouse. They do a yearly sale for cheap. My nice EDC is a zt0350. But I carry one of many different blurs on work days.
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    WTS Sitka Suspenders - 2 Pair $15/ea.

    I'll take the mud set
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    Sierra Trading Post Code

    I could use a code if someone has one.
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    WTS Vortex diamondback spotter and binos

    Check your pm's
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    WTS Kryptek highlander

    Jupiter rain jacket 3xl $75 Hyperion long sleeve 3xl $50 All in highlander. I'll sell it all for $100
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    WTS Vortex diamondback spotter and binos

    Brand new in sealed box 20-60x60 straight spotter and like new in box 10x42 binos. 500 obo
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    What bino harness?

    I loved my agc but now switched to a mystery ranch as I found that I wanted my rangefinder on the bottom not the side. The mr has webbing stitched on the bottom that makes it perfect for that. My only worry is the plastic around the magnetic closure, it can be loud when closed.
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    Stuck in a City all year except for hunts..........

    I really hope you knew someone instead of the other alternative. But for real I'm working towards that very same goal. It's a long shot but still in the cards, then the real battle starts with convincing the wife.
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    WTS Vortex diamondback 10x42

    Thank you, I already have the mountainsmith version. The only real trade I could use is an ultralight scope. I'd be willing to put cash in for the right scope.