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  • Thanks Beendare
    I was looking at either the north trail Morgan or the west trail mosquito...do you know if both of those are good trails and trailhead for stock?
    I haven’t spent much time looking into Mt Jefferson...you feel that is a better option for deer? This will be my first time in this unit
    Hey BeenDare
    I saw you replied to a post about hunting table mountain...are you familiar with the unit? My dad and I drew early rifle deer tags and I’m gonna head over to scout soon...trying to nail down which access point to start with on the first scout trip and any other info I can find on the area
    Hey! Long time lurker, not much for posting. But I'm a Notre Dame grad, actually two-time ND grad (double domer). My three siblings and wife went there, too. Happy to answer any questions you may have.
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