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    Backpacking firearm

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    Frontal shots?

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    Deer blood trail

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    I need a serious sleeping bag

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    Nuubu patches

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    2x1 guide make sense for goat?

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    WA state spring bear petition !!!!!!!!!

    Good to see this gaining traction…lets blow these antis out of the water!
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    How to save money buying a new bow?

    I look at it a little different. When I was buying compounds, the trial and error and testing multiple bows and the time I spent getting it setup right is a valuable service I am more than willing to pay for at a bow shop. Im typically going to have that bow for 5-10yrs. If there are any after...
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    Deepfreeze: A Late Season Bowhunt

    Oh Man, nothing to funnel those deer huh?
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    Kifaru stuff