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    Arrow Lethality - Shoot Thru Really Ideal??

    Agreed....some good points Matt. There is a few premises here that show the lack of understanding with how vital systems work. Two holes through the lungs in the chest cavity literally collapses the lungs long before they bleed out. Its literally the animals last breath. It seems like the...
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    Confessions of a long time absent guy

    OP, so if you want to upgrade buy a 2 yr old bow on AT classifieds....tons available....sure they want tooo much for a used bow.....some hard negotiating can get you a decent deal.
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    Arrows that come with heavier inserts.

    The wood grain version of Beman Centershots sometimes come with a heavy insert. Some of the woodgrain Axis 5mm used to too...but I think they recently stopped that. ___
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    Arrow Lethality - Shoot Thru Really Ideal??

    Yeah, 2 holes guy here too as its the mechanism that collapses the lungs fastest. Out of hundreds of animals killed with an arrow, I've never seen a 2 holes to the chest not put an animal right down quickly. ...not one. I've seen many single hole shot animals shot and lost....or go a fairly...
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    4 season tent?

    Roofer, there is a lot of info if you search the different topics here. I too think 3 season is fine....better size to weight ratio for backpacking. The tipis give you the highest size/weight benefit....especially if you don't pack a pole and just cut one when you get to your spot as I did here...
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    How are your preparations coming along? You ready?!

    At 62 its always an effort to get in good enough shape for hunting at 11,000'....and as we all know its never enough. That long bout without the gym due to Covid killed me. I bought a smith machine and in ramping up on squats- now the front of my left knee is having problems. I'm hiking with...
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    Does this make sense

    Yeah, I have the same problem- inconsistency- trying to deduce tuning with a stick bow. Its better now-a-days as my form has improved and I can feel when I make a bad I toss bad shots out...not using those to analyze tune. ______
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    Are feathers mandatory or...

    Feathers for off the shelf shooting...they give you the forgiveness you need without a rest. A rest is a lot more forgiving of arrow spine and fletching choice They are easier to tune too. ___
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    Light weight cots

    Not to say a low cot doesn't ever make sense....sure they in your case. Or a drop camp in Alaska where just a little bit of off the ground keeps your pad dry. In my case, on most hunts, the low cot is a middling solution....I use a full size cot on base camp hunts. I don't want to...
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    My bag and pad

    My take; REI makes a great bag....BA has QC issues and a somewhat high failure rate and a poor R rating. Go Thermarest or will be glad. ____
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    Exped sleeping pad problems?

    I've been using a Exped Synmat for almost 10 years. The one I bought initially developed some holes at the 4 yr 10 month mark....Exped gave me a new one for free....had it in a week. Great customer service. FWIW, I've either seen [buddies on trips] or used all of the pads out there except for...
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    Moose/Elk calling

    Greg nailed it. Moose don't care about much....and I've seen them come from over 1/2 mile away to the call. My advice; Give your calling time to work with moose. ____
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    Elk Hunting 2020 New Mexico and Covid

    I plan to isolate in my wall tent and stay as far from other hunters as possible....grin
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    Snake in his truck.....

    Heres one for the snake Aussie man was pulled over for speeding....his excuse, a Venomous brown snake found its way into his truck and had wrapped around his legs while driving. Fox news article; An Australian man fought off one of the world’s deadliest snakes with only a...
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    Meopta or zeiss?

    I compared a few different models of 15x last year and the Meoptas won out. Neck and neck with Swaro, better than Vortex. There is a good thread comparing these in the optics section. Tip: Call doug or Neil at Cameraland ——