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    WTS Sitka Jetstream Jacket

    PM Sent.
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    WTS Garmin Oregon 600

    Bump with price drop as follows: $120 TYD Payment via Paypal F&F or pay the fee.
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    WTS Garmin Oregon 600

    Garmin Oregon 600 for sale. Screen is near perfect, no scratches. Plastic loop where wrist/neck strap connects is scratched & has minor gouging. Accepts Onx cards - none included though. No cover, box or any other original items. $150 TYD Payment via Paypal F&F or pay the fee.
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    WTS Sitka Cloudburst XL Subalpine

    Excellent condition Sitka Cloudburst XL Subalpine jacket. Purchased from another Rokslider earlier this summer & decided no longer needed. $190 TYD USPS Priority Mail. Payment via PayPal.
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    WTS Sitka Apex Hoody XL Subalpine

    I’ll take it. PM sent
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    WTS Sitka Gear

    PM sent
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    I’ll take the vest, thanks!
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    Top 3?

    Agreed! That's exactly the type of material that I'm looking at. I have a set of those pants as well and they're amazing. Unfortunately since BPS bought Cabela's much of the good stuff that Cabela's used to carry is now gone.
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    Top 3?

    Great question & exactly what I’m trying to determine. I’ve seen lots of complaints about the big ones, especially when it comes to sizing & fit. We are all not professional athlete body types! Additionally, I’ve spent a fortune on hunting clothing. What if a better price point is introduced...
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    Top 3?

    I like it all. Appreciate the input so far. Trying to figure out what is needed in the outdoor hunting clothing industry & fill that niche with a great line of clothing & gear. Hoping to possibly get something going in July or August. Not sure if the gear would be ready by then but at least...
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    Top 3?

    Looking for input on a clothing line to be developed for those of us who embrace the outdoor lifestyle. Please list your top 3 necessities when looking for outdoor clothing. Price, material, DWR, breathability, color/camo, options etc. Don’t think too hard into it. Just pick the top three...