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    Move to Alaska?

    Tuffs, as we call em are great footwear. The reality is you have to develop great (not good) lower leg strength and conditioning. The intertidal zones and off trail environment demands full range of motion for proper foot fall. The xtra tuff moves well with your foot as long as your lower leg...
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    Move to Alaska?

    I live in Ketchikan. Spent 10 years in Sitka before Sitka Gear launched a brand. I boated you Kuiu island before Kuiu was a company. It’s a simple equation. Move to AK if you want to be an industrious contributor to a small community. Bring your talents and resources and build your family...
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    Which Pants - Kodiak?

    I'm wearing SG DeHav pants lately. I prefer the thicker fabric and fit Having hunted a few goats this is my generic strategy..... Climb with minimal clothing, base layer stuff in rain. Get soaking wet! Once on top or to the point continuous effort is discontinued, get your dry layer on for...
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    Another new Pope and Young WR Goat

    LoL! Big goats haunt my dreams. Great news for SE AK.
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    Southeast Alaska Mountain Goat Raffle

    I think the thing you'd appreciate is getting airplane access into Ed's area which is the registration area. I personally built a trail with a chainsaw that took me two full days, just to reach the 2,000 foot level on or near the hills he likes to hunt. I do DIY hunts and have never been...
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    Southeast Alaska Mountain Goat Raffle

    Good luck to the participants. In support of the raffle, I'll elaborate. Hunting Revillagegedo Island is super fun. I live here and have shot goats. I won't buy a ticket because I already hunt the same areas Ed does. There's a strong population of big horned goats in his areas as...
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    I'm pumped for my first AK wilderness hunt...and its not Sheep

    Slay a fine bruin! Good luck with the wife, that one may be more difficult.
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    CO --> AK

    Welcome! Get familiar with big. Nothing happens up here without access considerations. You will learn to be a mariner, pilot, long haul driver, and ATV operator. Make friends and say goodbye to easy. AK residency has its privileges but again, it’s not easy. You gotta commit financial...
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    Alaska lottery win.

    Looking at the topography you better be ready for some mountain time. That's a very dynamic bay with lots of steep every where you look. On one hand it's advantageous to gain observational advantage. On the other hand, your gonna find animals lurking "just around that corner". I like terrain...
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    2017 Kodiak Bear Hunt.....

    Thanks for the hunt report. I got plans to be on that bear highway.
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    Dream Hunt in progress, Aliulik Peninsula Spring 2021

    I’ll be on Etolin too. My time as packer arrived. My main partner, the same man going to Kodiak won it. So spring brown bear and fall Roosevelt with a sprinkling of Mt Goat and Sitka Blacktail for 2021. We should coordinate as we both know some of the same zones and from a safety standpoint...
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    Dream Hunt in progress, Aliulik Peninsula Spring 2021

    LoL! I know that feeling. I hope you get it! It's not impossible to get a run going with that tag. Who are you flying with?
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    Dream Hunt in progress, Aliulik Peninsula Spring 2021

    Thanks Gents! Glad to share the trip. I'm all ears if ya got ideas or questions. I have a 200 pound limit on gear so I need to be spartan about camp luxury. Has anyone on here done the aprox 6-7 mile march all the way across the Aliulik Peninsula. It's flatish, but like other tundra areas...
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    Dream Hunt in progress, Aliulik Peninsula Spring 2021

    Mid Feb update: Physically- I hired a personal trainer in December at $60 a session we meet twice a week and he gets my back and hips fired up for off trail work and heavy packing. In addition to that I get online workouts that mainly include swimming and hiking. I only train four days a week...
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    Dream Hunt in progress, Aliulik Peninsula Spring 2021

    Thank you sir! Good advise indeed. Big bears can be difficult to locate and I don't want to stack the odds in their favor. What about running a Mr. Buddy heater in a pole shelter? I would hope that wouldn't cause much more scent than all of our artificial and scent laden gear. Ultimately I...