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    WTB Hoyt Vector 32 Cams

    Looking to buy a set of cams for a Vector 32 bow. Cams were damaged on my old bow and I would love to get it fixed up but cant find them anywhere. Thanks
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    Aiders for Lone Wolf sticks?

    First picture shows them all finished up minus moving the versa button. Second picture shows when I was playing with where to cut. I ended up just cutting right below the middle step, moving the Versa button up a bit and attaching the cable aider to the bottom step bolt. Gained a couple inches...
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    Aiders for Lone Wolf sticks?

    I used the cable aiders from Eastern Woods Outdoors with the original single steps last year. The cable aiders pack up pretty nice and stay open so it makes them pretty easy to use once you get used to it. I was able to cut my sticks down to like 17-18" but with the cable aiders they are...
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    Gear Give Away #2

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    Question about classified ads

    Instead of creating a new thread I figured I'd just try to piggyback off this one and see if anybody could help... How are those of you selling large packs on here shipping them for a reasonable amount of money? I'm trying to sell an Eberlestock F1 pack and have a guy interested but he's across...
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    Midwest do all hunting boot??

    Yeah I'm going into my second season with the Danner Vitals and they are all but completely blown out and not even remotely waterproof anymore. The Schnees have definitely been on my radar and they seem to get tons of great reviews. I haven't found a single dealer that carries any sort of...
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    Midwest do all hunting boot??

    Hey guys, I've done a ton of reading in the footwear section so far and I'm still completely stumped. I'm currently using danner vital boots and aside from being the furthest thing from waterproof I'm very happy with the boots. I'm looking for something in the 8" height range due to many...
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    New guy from OH

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    FNG From MI

    Welcome, also from SE MI (Flint area)
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    What is your biggest public land pet-peeve?

    Beer cans floating down river in front of the mass of covid kayakers
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    FNG from MI

    Welcome! I'm also up in the flint area.
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    Question about classified ads

    Welcome aboard. Clicked for clarification as well and figured I'd add to my post count while I was at it ha.
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    Mainframe w/ hang on treestand

    I used a mainframe with 2 batwings to haul my lone wolf assualt 2 and some cut down lone wolf sticks all last season. It worked pretty solid overall for the hunting side of things. I started doing a lot of weighted pack training and found that when I get up to 40lbs or more in the pack it just...
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    New guy from Michigan

    I'm in the thumb area a bit north of Lapeer.
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    New guy from Michigan

    Hey guys, I've been lurking on the site for awhile now and thought it was about time to actually post something. I didn't grow up in a hunting family but have always had an interest in it. I was able to tag along with an uncle who hunted every once in awhile a few times when I was a kid, but...