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    3/4 mile to 2 miles 15x SLC or spotter?

    Absolutely…mirages make you dial down magnification ….sometimes to 20x or lower…at that point you might as well use the brighter more comfortable binoculars
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    3/4 mile to 2 miles 15x SLC or spotter?

    Without a doubt 15x binoculars….I even use 12x at 2 miles and in…..and I glass weekly especially in low light conditions….binoculars are brighter
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    Is Aguila .22 ammo any better or worse than the bulk .22 federal stuff?

    As far as bulk ammo, I always had better accuracy and reliability with CCI standard velocity or CCI mini mags for all out accuracy I spend extra money on match grade ammo like Eley or SK
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    Who wants a 8.6 Blackout?

    I like the extra energy of the 8.6 blk without the extra recoil of 458 socom I would like to see some subsonic accuracy results before picking up a barrel
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    Floating dot or floating crosshair reticle.

    I prefer dot by the way dot size is not that important if you use a six o’clock hold. Plus I find it’s more accurate shooting that way
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    Nikon ED50

    The single magnification eyepieces are best. They have a wide FOV and sharp from edge to edge I really likd the 27x but the 20x is brighter.
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    Best budget scope?

    Maybe get a good red dot instead the sig sauer romeo 5 is literally bulletproof and has a great reputation
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    Binoculars in the ~ 200 dollar price range

    Maven 7x28 are really nice, very easy on the eyes nikon 8x trailblazers have awesome color rendition and sharpness and can be found for under $100. They perform way above their price point
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    Looking at the moon

    Great pics she might be impressed showing her the ring around Saturn or the cloud belts on Jupiter other cool astronomy targets area orion Nebula pleiades andromeda galaxy (it’s 6x the size of the moon) Milky Way in the constellation of Cygnus (use binoculars instead of scope)
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    How far was your average sheep shot?

    Trying to get an average distance you guys are taking sheep at
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    How far is your average bear shot

    Looking to see whats your average shot distance is for bear
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    How far are your average predator shots?

    Just trying to get an average for each type of game
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    How far was your average Antelope shot?

    Due to the wary nature of these animals curious how close or far you got before pulling the trigger
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    How many prefer high shoulder shots?

    I find them to be more effective, with less tracking, and minimal meat damage (I mostly prefer straps and rear quarters anyway)
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    What's your EDC knife?

    Spent many years training martial blade craft…I EDC a spyderco emerson opener delica for its quick deployment