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    Meopta MeoPro HD Plus 10x42

    My wife and I were in Sitka June 1-4th and it was calm seas every day, very foggy though. I have never had the ocean that calm in 25 years of going up there, I'm sure I'll pay for it this time! Fish on!
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    Meopta MeoPro HD Plus 10x42

    They literally just showed up at the end of last week is what I heard. I have a pair of MeoPro HD Plus 8x56 binos on the way for a fishing trip to Alaska. I have used to MeoPro Air and just last week, Optika HD 10x42 to look for top water activity in Baja. Everyone who used them was thoroughly...
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    3/4 mile to 2 miles 15x SLC or spotter?

    I use MeoStar B1 Plus 12x50 and the get the job done for my needs. I always make sure I have a steady rest if I'm in a blind or on the side of a canyon. They are outstanding in early morning or evening light situations.
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    Meopta Optika5 2-10x42 PA impressions

    These rifles shoot so well that I just had to have some additional magnification on them. I love shooting long-range on a windless day and dialing out my distances with the 22LR's.
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    Meopta Optika5 2-10x42 PA impressions

    Another rifle is ALWAYS the right solution! lol. Great pics and choices. After working for another optics company for 12 years, retiring ( I was almost retired before that), and then getting asked to work with Meopta, it was a no-brainer. Meopta quality control is top shelf. I get so few...
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    Meopta Optika 2-10x42 PA

    The Optiak5 2-10x42 PA will get it done for you. Parallax down to 10 yards is a great feature to have on a rimfire. I have 2 2-10's, 1 with and 1 without parallax adjustment. I prefer having the parallax adjustment. I do some freelance work with Meopta and recently did a bunch of 22LR shooting...
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    Meopta Optika5 2-10x42 PA impressions

    Great pics! I love the green TS barrel. It goes great with the green streaks in my engraved laminated stock. I spent 3 hours hand sanding it down to get the right fit into the stock and finally gave up and took it to a friend and let him finish it. It shoots Stingers around .5 inches at 50 yards...
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    Meopta Optika5 2-10x42 PA impressions

    As someone who has been doing some freelance work with Meopta for a few years now, I can truthfully say that they make one heck of an optic. I agree that there are always a few little tweaks that we may or may not want, but for the money, this scope is one heck of a value. I mounted one up on a...
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    Chromatic aberration in Binos: who cares?

    I like the $1k price range in binoculars a lot. I've tried most options in that category and the best by far at controlling CA is the Meopta Meostar I have the MeoStar B1 Plus binos and they far exceeded my expectations. As for brightness, I think they are amazing and more importantly for me...
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    S&B Klassik 8x56mm Field Evaluation Q&A

    I have a MeoStar R1 7x56 on my Belgium Browning .308 BLR and love it. I use it for pig hunting just to get it out. The MeoStar glass is known for its low light performance and this one will not disappoint. I have the 4B reticle that I dialed in the drops using Strelok Pro, it's nice getting this...
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    Considering selling my Swaro ATX and getting a Leupold GR I crazy?

    I have both Meopta spotters, the MeoStar S2 82 HD and the Award-winning MeoPro 80 HD. The MeoStar is definitely an amazing optic and for the $ many find it is hard to pony up an extra grand plus for a similar objective model in the Swaro. line. As stated above, the value you get from Meopta...
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    Search for SLC replacement options ended up with Kowa Genesis

    This year I stepped up to Meopta's MeoStar B1 Plus 12x50 HD binos and I am impressed. Hunting from tower blinds and being able to glass over a mile away, the 12X binos did not disappoint. Meopta glass was stellar in the early morning and later evening light which is why I opted for the Meostar...
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    New to hunting, first optic

    Quad, If you want exposed turrets on a Meopta scope check out the ZD 6-24 or the MeoTac 3-12x50. Both are top tier Meopta glass and won't leave you wanting more. Both would need to be ordered as I don't know anyone who stocks them. You really can't go wrong with buying from a company known for...
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    New to hunting, first optic

    I can help you with Meopta's Mil/LE/First Responder discount policy. Reach out to me and I'll get you to the right person. They are currently at SHOT Show right now, but he's good about getting back to you.