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    Feet Care

    just plan on trying a bunch of different socks.
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    Few pics from Australia

    you can shoot one in Texas for $1500, not gonna be the biggest on the block but a red deer just the same.
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    Feet Care

    how many miles are you putting on your feet prior to your excursions??? you can try a nobby foam roller and roll your feet. you may try going to just a coolmax type sock as well.
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    Sports Drinks, Supplements

    i use the hammer nutrition products a lot. perpetuem, heed, gels, enduralytes.
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    liner socks

    laugh at the toe socks but those bastards are actually functional........i would get blisters between my big toe and the one next to it, friend said try the injinji' more blisters. if you think 10-20 mile hikes with blisters sucks try 50+ miles. you do need to try em on though to make...
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    How much do you eat when you are packing?

    i'm finishing up around 3800 calories. the one thing i've noticed most could possibly improve on is adding some supplements to their daily food intake. it'll boost your protein, carb, and calorie intake daily and doesn't weight much as you need to add the water.
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    Benchmarks for fitness

    hmmm......physically fit to me is being able to finish what you started or the goal you have. Not everyone wants to be able to run 50 or 100 miles, but i do. I can appreciate how people brought up the mental aspect as the one doesn't mean jack without the other. i've been blessed by being to...
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    Just how much time in the field do you really get?

    or they held it in the store for 5 minutes and seemed like a
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    Just how much time in the field do you really get?

    last year i spent around 100-115 days hunting. this year is not looking good, two mortgages and some investing of money back into my business have left things a bit tight. i usually have quite a bit of time off, but i'm fortunate enough to make my own schedule. In Texas it was easy to include...
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    Hunting partner compatibility

    the guys i go with live in different areas of the country than me so we usually all swap places to hunt. for me they have to be willing to put in the work, not just reap the benefits. i try not to delve into ethics because that's a bit personal, as long as they obey the law i'm ok with it. and...
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    Western hunters out east?

    whitetail hunting is way over rated.
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    Adding a stove jack to a tent.

    Anyone have a lead or know a company that will add a stove jack to a tent (GoLite SL-5)?? After watching Luke's video and doing some reading I went ahead and bought it over the Sawtooth. Also ordered up the same nest, it should be a palace when I'm by myself or sufficient for me and the family.
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    Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) announces <1 Club

    i'm taking the Yukon trip.........i'll leave ya Alaska buddy.
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    Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) announces <1 Club

    done deal.
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    How long before you leave do you give your body time to recover?

    i usually only taper the last week before a race. one long slow run at the beginning of the week and taper to only a mile or 2 the day before.