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    Help me spend my money on a rifle for Hog hunting

    Going hog hunting and using it as an excuse for a new rifle. Currently have a thermal and suppressors so a good host for that would be ideal.
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    WTB SCAM - Bino Purchase

    Another thing to keep in mind is I see accounts getting hacked and they are accounts with good sales history. The scammers are hacking accounts of those with 100% positive feedback. I’ve seen it on other forums.
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    Sold Tikka 1:8 Twist 22-250 barrel only

    Correct. And I also shoot suppressed so end up close to $300. Getting close to just funding a new barrel
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    Sold Tikka 1:8 Twist 22-250 barrel only

    Sadly, it’s not cheap to do
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    Sold Tikka 1:8 Twist 22-250 barrel only

    That makes sense. I thought it’d either sell ASAP or get made fun of for my price 😂 probably end up shooting it until it needs replaced then.
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    Sold Tikka 1:8 Twist 22-250 barrel only

    Weird situation but I ordered a Tikka 22-250 this morning. It is the Lite model with a 1:8 twist barrel. Is there any value to these barrels? I started to consider rebarreling it but I’d only consider it if I sold the 22-250 barrel for enough to justify it. I’d need $200 for it and it will have...
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    Rechamber 22-250 to 22 Creed

    Yes he is, thanks!
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    Rechamber 22-250 to 22 Creed

    I bought a 1:8 twist Tikka 22-250. Was doing some research on this last night and saw a users name mentioned twice that does rechambering and for the life of me I cannot find it now. I know there’s dozens of reputable smiths that could do this but wanted to get an estimate from a guy local to...
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    Sold 22-250 Tikka

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    Sold 22-250 Tikka

    Looking for a Tikka Lite 22-250 before I buy new.
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    WTS Meopta Meopro 20-60x80 Spotting Scope

    Currently I am holding it for a guy “in the middle to end of October” that offered to pay me more for it to hold it. You may be needing it sooner but I plan to reach out to him in a couple weeks ago and I’ll update this post if he is no longer interested. Sorry
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    What’s your rifle weigh?

    It recently underwent some weight loss.
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    Sold Leupold VX-R 2-7x33 Firedot

    Going to include TPS rings as well to sweeten the deal.