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    Guess the Score

    Im terrible at guessing scores, but Im going with 145 3/8
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    old tactics, new elk

    thanks to all, esp paul. I appreciate it. I am trying to decide rather to move on to another location, or beat the elk there. I like the spot, but so do alot of other hunters.
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    old tactics, new elk

    I bugled occassionally but mainly cow calls. some soft, sometimes I got aggressive. My bugles sounded better this year than ever before, at least to me. I raked trees thinking that might be a diff sound.
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    old tactics, new elk

    dark timber with small patches of openings. sceery cow call, I dont use hoochie, and mouth calls for different sounds. either sitting on ground or behind trees. I grew up hunting mo turkeys, you dont get away with doing stupid things. Im solid in my hunting, just not sure what I use to do will...
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    WTS ar 15 pistol

    I have a ar 15 pistol I built 2 years ago. Anderson lower, cmmg kit, lower wt springs and nickel boron trigger, shockwave brace, single point sling for lower. It has a bear creek arsenal 11.5 in barrel m lok rail for upper. I added a slanted forgrip and a compensator so all the gas would go out...
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    old tactics, new elk

    So Ive had some time to think about my 2 elk hunts this year. I am no elk guru by any measure, but in my previous 4 trips I have always seen elk. This year none. I hadnt hunted elk in 8 years and things were different this year. More people, much more deadfall to start with. The bulls were more...
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    Colorado Archery Elk Harvest

    I dunno why, not even gonna speculate. But this is the first time I have ever elk hunted and never saw a elk. Im guessing a combo of several things.
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    Wife worried

    My wife has life insurance on me, shes not worried.
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    Your solo packout woes are N/A

    I would help someone, but I am not very socialable so nobody would ask. And I would never ever take someones spot. but, we all know most would and nobody knows I wouldnt so again no one would ask me to help. with that said, I packed out my own on a solo hunt. Just put one foot in front of the...
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    Are most OTC units like this?

    I hadnt hunted west in 8 years and was shocked at the difference this year compared to then. there was 2 state plates I had never seen in the area before and not sure why but those 2 states were extremely well represented. almost like someone on a hunting site said go here on a state forum...
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    delayed, again

    I have my ccw permit but mo doesnt use it. not sure why. I have moved alot, maybe thats it, but I truly believe its just the gov fooling with us. cause they can. I do put my ssn on there every time. that alone should seperate me from the other people out there, which is why I think this is all a...
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    delayed, again

    I must be more dangerous than the taliban. and yea, I still cant figure out why if you have a concealed carry permit you cant go in, show it to them, and walk out with whatever you want. Ive been back grounded to death, and still get delayed. "A free man doesnt ask for permission", guess Im not...
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    delayed, again

    so this is the third time in the last four I have been delayed while buying a firearm. I dont so much as have a speeding ticket on my record, totally clean, and I put my ss number on the form to "help identify" myself. so, do any of you use the u pin code the gov gives you and does it help. I...
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    Anyone here switch careers into nursing?

    sorry, no offense, i said most, not all. I actually have some very good surgeons. and some prima donnas. I apologize. some of my docs are great people, some, well, not so much
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    Anyone here switch careers into nursing?

    Ive been a male RN for 28 years. Ive got to see and do and hear some amazing things from my patients, mainly world war 2 era and what they went thru. With that said if I had any other skills I would get out now, today. Currently I am a OR director and I am so sick of admin, Drs, and staff...